Developing a Bootstrap Marketing Strategy for Victory Auto Service & Glass - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-09-12
Developing a Bootstrap Marketing Strategy for Victory Auto Service & Glass - Essay Sample
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Conspicuously, the concept of bootstrap marketing involves the event whereby a particular organization works with petite or devoid of any budget with a precise aim of reaching its target audience through the aid of a message that typically prompts the targeted audience to purchase the commodities (Cordeiro et al., 2010). Specifically, in this particular paper, I envision developing a seven sentence marketing strategy for Victory Auto Service and Glass. Subsequent to that, I will list at least three bootstrap marketing strategies that the company may utilize to augment the elements of visibility, sales and also profits. Ultimately, I will offer a detailed explanation in regards to how Victory Auto and Glass company ought to implement these particular strategies.

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Seven-Sentence Marketing Strategy for Victory Auto Service and Glass

Victory Auto Service and Glass Company ought to adopt a robust marketing strategy for the rationale of it accomplishing its objectives effectively. Firstly, it is imperative that the organization discovers appropriately and exactly what the clients demand off and does not stray from that. Consequent to the event of identification, the organization ought to regularly ensure that there is diminishing of the non-compulsory expenses. Besides, it ought to also utilize the art and science of influencing individuals imperatively. Victory Auto Service and Glass Company should also corroborate the notion by pre-selling the commodities in advance, majoring its emphasis on one precedence at a time. In the marketing procedure, the organization ought to avert from the event of not allowing for the aspect of negotiation. Lastly, the company must invest significant affiliations with persons that it deems to be smarter.

Three Bootstrap Marketing Strategies

  • Engage in community outreach
  • Grow the organization’s social media presence
  • Focus on the target audience or instead customers

Conferring to the above strategies, it is undoubtedly evident that they would demand a sturdy implementation so that the company accomplishes the facets of visibility, sales and profits. Firstly, the strategy of engaging in community outreach can be implemented through the following means:

  • Subsidizing and ensuring attendance of local events
  • Hosting major competitions that provide imperative involvement of the community members
  • Participation in educational events such as career fairs

Secondly, regarding the strategy of ensuring the progress of the organization's social media presence, this can be implemented through the event of posting of the company's commodities on copious social media platforms. Apparently, this cuts down the operational costs and also ensures that the message being conveyed is delivered to the majority of persons. It is also vital that the company puts into consideration that in the modern epoch, the element of marketing is being undertaken in the online platforms.

Lastly, there is the strategy of focusing majorly on the targeted audience. Accurately, for the company to implement this particular strategy, it ought to conduct a thorough assessment whereby, it identifies its intended market and consequently focuses on that specific market. Ostensibly, it will be of vain to focus on a market without conducting an evaluation for the company will not be able to identify the needs and demands of persons.


Cordeiro, C., Machás, A., & Neves, M. M. (2010). A case study of a customer satisfaction problem: Bootstrap and imputation techniques. In Handbook of partial least squares (pp. 279-287). Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg.

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