Business Ethics Essay Example: Who am I?

Published: 2022-11-01
Business Ethics Essay Example: Who am I?
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My answer regarding who I am has not changed, but, rather, undergone a refinement. I still hold my father as the most admirable person in my life. I now understand why I think of emulating him when I grow up. He taught me the values of hard work and going the extra mile for the people we love. My father is the epitome of a man who loves his family and does everything to ensure their wellbeing. He taught me the values of resilience, integrity, and honest living in spite of one's circumstances. Through him, I learned to be patient and work hard to succeed. I grew up with an understanding that nothing comes easily and I should never take things for granted. Therefore, this world view promoted a sense of duty inside me that guides most of my choices. I am the type of person who is resilient and works hard in all types of situations for good outcomes. I believe it is my responsibility to change any situation in my life and that of loved ones.

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Virtue ethics refers to the morality of an individual whenever they are engaged in a particular act. It considers an act to be ethical if it reflects a sense of morality or the virtues that a person possesses. Virtue ethics defines who I am because I strive to do the right thing. I am an individual who is always straightforward, transparent, and inclined towards following the rules on morality. I believe in possessing virtues that make decision-making easy. I think that virtues intentionally shape my decision-making since I always abide by them. Utilitarianism refers to the outcome of an action. If the consequences are good, then an act is considered to be ethical. However, negative consequences lead to the inference that an act is unethical. Utilitarianism has never informed my core values. I am not the type of person who believes that everything is ethical if the outcome is good. I believe that this theory encourages selfishness and this is not how I was raised. I am more inclined towards my responsibility in doing the right thing at all times. For example, I would never cheat on an examination even though the outcome is good (you may pass the exam). I believe that I have to work hard and earn the marks I get in every examination. It is part of my nature to think of my morality and quality of character as opposed to whether or not an outcome will be good. Universal ethics refer to the perception of right or wrong according to human nature and the rules that guide the same. This school of thought guides my behavior since I am the type of person who will apply moral rules to every situation. My core values are aligned to my ability to control impulses and conduct myself according to what is demanded of me. For instance, while I may want to procrastinate, I value hard work and resilience. I know that these are what will make me successful and, therefore, behave in a manner that is consistent with the same.

Individualism is the moral thought that advocates for the upholding of the moral stance based on an individual. It emphasizes on the fact the goals and interests of a person are more essential and should be of priority when compared to those of a larger group within the society. While I believe that I have interests and goals that I need to take care of and ensure that I achieve the same, it is also crucial to be conscious of social interests that may be present within society. For instance, it may be in the interest of the society or people around me to want to make the surrounding environment safe in terms of security and cleanliness, I am obligated to take part in the same as I am also part of the group that lives in that place. My father taught me to value others as nobody is an island that we people always need each other at different times.

According to Kantian ethics, an action is regarded as being morally based on the motivation that led to one undertaking the same. In that case, each and every person has a duty to do good to others without being forced. As mentioned earlier, it is my duty to always work hard for the sake of having outcomes that are good, and in this case, helping myself and at the same time others. For instance, when I work hard in school and later on become a doctor, I am benefitting myself and at the same time helping people that require medical assistance. As I greatly value true friendship, I believe that for one to succeed they require to help other people succeed too by doing what is good for them.

Above all, I acknowledge the fact that life is not smooth and that conflicts will always be there, I understand that one needs to deal with the in a way that is amicable. I may be hurt in a way, but that does not mean that I react in the same way by hurting others. Instead, I should strive to create positive relationships with others, as I may also find myself in a situation where I hurt others, and still require their forgiveness. I am one who does actions depending on what I expect others to do unto me.

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