Application for Employment in the Position of Assistant Editor, Career Paper Example

Published: 2022-03-03
Application for Employment in the Position of Assistant Editor, Career Paper Example
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I am interested in the position of assistant editor at Washington Herald, as advertised in the local dailies on the 17th of February, 2018. I presently occupy the Legal Affairs Secretary at Washington Media Inc., although on a temporary basis. I trust that the professional experiences and skills acquired while in the said position situate me as a perfect candidate for the vacant position at your organization.

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As Legal Affairs Secretary, I have horned my editorial and writing skills. For instance, one of my responsibilities drafting of policies related to compliance with federal and state regulations. This obligation requires fastidious editing and writing skills, as well as the capacity to convey intricate thoughts unmistakably. I have developed dozens of pieces of policies and legislation and received adulations for the lucidity of my written work.

I have additionally gained substantial professional experience in policy and legal research field, which your organization indicated clearly are a necessity for an assistant editor. My past experience with Washington Media gave me an opportunity to familiarize myself with the State laws. Specifically, I am presently heavily involved in the controversial gun ownership and Medicaid reforms. I am constantly anxious to learn more about state legislation, perusing on these critical subject matter to ensure I remain well-informed. Such passion for law and policy will be a valuable addition to Washington Herald.

I am self-assured that my experience in policy issues and my writing and exploration aptitudes make me a candidate for consideration. I have encased my resume and, work samples can be provided on request. I anticipate meeting with you and to discuss my skills and experience in detail.


Jotham Bauer

Curriculum Vitae

Jotham Bauer

102 E. VanTrees Street

Washington, IN 47501

Phone: 812-2674-0180


Objective Statement

An assistant editor job in a new and publishing agency where my editorial and writing skills of a range digital and printed media can win and attract confidence and attention of readers.

Summary of Skills

Excellent ability to capture, logging, organizing, grouping, editing, encoding, posting, researching, media management, subscribing, and integrating SFX Outstanding written and verbal communication skills

Passionate reader with an eye to detail and to identify errors for correction

Excellent knowledge of DVD authoring, Photoshop, Illustrator, MS Word, Dreamweaver, Pro Tools, Page Maker,

Strong abilities in meeting and setting deadlines

Knowledge and competence in social media marketing

Skilled in identifying attractive and eye-catching stories

Excellent editing and interpersonal skills, inclusive of storyboarding

Work Experience

2015 - Present: Assistant Editor - Washington Media, Rochelle Park, DC


Develop policies and regulations aimed at ensuring compliance and aligning organizational goals with those of the State and Federal governments

Coordinate with other editors and graphic designers, writers, and sales team to ensure stories, articles and news are well presented

Conduct survey to situate public interest and track public discourse

Assist senior editors in the development of promotional strategies

2014 - 2015: Clerk - Dean Point Media, Washington DC

Developed and researched contents for weekly magazines distributed as "Stress and Life"

Developed storyboards under the guidance of the senior editor

Wrote, proofread and reviewed magazine and online contents

Assisted the marketing team in amplifying magazine sales

Took part in trade shows to learn latest trends in the realms of publications

Coordinated with marketing, designing and editorial staff


2008 St. Xavier's University Bachelor's Degree Rochelle Park, Washington (Major - Mass Communication)


Available on request.

Internet activity - Assignment 6.1

I chose to research Washington Herald and it became apparent that the company was established with an objective of upholding professional journalism. The company has fashioned a place for itself based on objective news reporting guided by the mantra of quality reporting.

Although there is a slight variation, most of the content covered reflect uniformity. Some details need verification because aspects such as figures are varied slightly. The veracity of the content published is subject to the source. It became clear that it is critical that the source is verified to ascertain the authenticity of the content.

It is important to research the company before the interview because one will be able to understand its philosophy and values it considers integral. Such are the aspects that interviews consider during selection and hiring. With deep knowledge of the company, the interviewee can comfortably and without doubt address all questions regarding the job on offer.

For smaller companies, websites may not be available but there are numerous materials that can provide information about the company, such as directories, yellow pages, brochures, and so forth. Friends can also be consulted and any other person familiar with the dealings of the organization. Organizational culture will be vital as a source of information detailing the values, objectives and the philosophy of the organization.

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