Essay Example - Description of the Video

Published: 2023-01-26
Essay Example - Description of the Video
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The video that was chosen plays a significant role in indicating the experience of various individuals have undergone the experience of heroin addiction. The film primarily focuses on mother whose children who are suffering from heroin addiction. The movie concentrates on the mothers as they happen to have direct interaction with their children who also happen to be addicts. Jacky who is one of the mothers who has been made to undergo the pain of seeing her son affected by heroin addiction is a vivid example of the issues that most families are tasked to encounter due to the issue of drug addiction. Jacky in the film narrates how the problem of heroin addiction managed to spread from large cities into the smaller towns within a short period.

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The film commences with a highly emotional Jacky who is vividly indicated by her low tone. Jacky describes despite the small population of her home town, and it is quite apparent that drug addiction has grown to become a significant issue that has deeply affected her son. The video indicates not only the opinions of Jacky but also other mothers that have been affected by the issue who have been incorporated into the film. The film is highly useful as it managed to play a significant role in assessing the issue heroine addition through applying various statistics, pictorials of individuals who have been affected by heroin addiction in the community, and a short film indicating a sorrowful woman at the graveyard of her son who died due to heroin addiction. The film is crucial as it is showing that these mothers still have hope despite their children being drastically affected by heroin addiction. The women in the film have highlighted strategies which will be crucial in ensuring that the prevalence rate of heroin addiction in the region significantly decreases. One of the critical policies that have been indicated by the video is the creation of FAITH organization which its core objective is to offer training and education awareness.

Next, include an example of one or two codes and provide quotes from your notes or transcript to support your example.

#Code 1: Disability

#Code 2: Effects


'First, disability is not inability.

disabled children are special,

and they need special attention but not

necessarily sympathy.'

Focus groups verbal transcripts were applied to the criteria for coding the data acquired from the video and the transcripts (Ngulube, 2015). The sort of coding was implemented with the core aim of applying a robust comparison between the concepts that were generated from the focus groups from the various individuals that had been incorporated into the focus group with the core aim of addressing the issue (Sutton, & Austin, 2015). The procedure for coding ensured that focus groups transcripts were selectively assigned to each member of the focus group (Neal et al., 2015). The method of coding these transcripts ensured that they were identical, which played a significant role in enhancing the simplicity of the coding procedure.

The unique and relevant concept, as described in a statement, indicated a vivid explanation of the issues not defined by the members of the focus group in the film. The other concept that was used in the coding procedure was ensuring the useful comments that were offered during the focus group were highlighted based on their relevance or significance (Smyth, 2019) (Graue, 2015). The third concept that was used in the procedure of coding was through defining irrelevant information that failed to address the topic of discussion (Male, 2016). The other category is that there were no codes that were used to determine no or yes responses to the various queries that were asked by members of the focus group.

Finally, explain your reasoning for this coding.

In evaluating the method of coding, the was used, it is quite apparent that it proved to be useful and relevant to the study topic (Ganapathy, 2016). The coding method that was used in carrying out qualitative research was an open coding approach (Chowdhury, 2015). The axis coding approach would have been ineffective in meeting the mandate of the coding procedure that had been required in these transcripts (Vaughn, & Turner, 2016). The method was useful in ensuring that valuable information could effectively be retrieved from transcripts and relevant theories created in regards to the argument (Gesch-Karamanlidis, 2015) (Theron, 2015). The coding technique was applied as it was effective in acquiring information that might prove to be similar among various individuals.


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