Early Warning Signs of ASD

Published: 2022-12-16
Early Warning Signs of ASD
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ASD is a developing ailment that distresses behavior and communication of a person. It makes children have difficulty in communicating and also interacting with other people. Individuals with ASD handle information very differently from others.

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When estimating prevalence, investigators arbitrarily select a small group of people from the whole population they want to analyze. Typically, prevalence is shown in percentage. ASD is the most common disorder that is growing rapidly in the US. According to reports, they show that the percentage rates of prevalence increasing in the US. About 1 out of 88 children have been are affected by that disorder (Baird, et al 2006).

During the first year of lifespan, the symptoms of ASD may consist of gestures and eye contact of the child or if the child smiles a little or if the child does not smile at all. ASD is less common in girls than in boys. The ASD disease affects mostly the children that are aged two to three years. Some of these signs include social interaction of the child, nonverbal communication and how the child plays and relates with other children and even their parents. When a child is 10 to 15 months old, you can identify the Autism in a child. If children have ASD their interaction socially is very different, for example, they cannot steadily answer to their names. They cannot communicate or to someone on their own without being to do so. The behavior of the child also differs from other children since the child can have more curiosity about the restricted interests. (Mitchell, et al 2006).

According to research, black children are less likely affected by autism. Children from marginal groups are regularly diagnosed at later ages than the whites from high social class. When early intrusions are made there are better results that help to reduce the autonomy of an ASD diagnosis.

Teachers can help to identify ASD by learning to identify early signs of ASD. Teachers should take part in professional associations, reading current research on ASD so that they can understand more about the disorder. They also understand the culture of each child so that they can know how to deal with the disorder.


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