Deploy and Administer Windows Server 2012

Published: 2022-05-22
Deploy and Administer Windows Server 2012
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After doing a critical analysis of the entire scenario when it comes to the implementation and configuration of the core IT services at Worldwide Advertising, Inc. (WAI), it came out that the kind of connection and networking system will have to be active and also sophisticated at the same. This is because there will be a need to make sure that all the departments can carry out some form of communication without any difficulties based on the fact that they want to make sure of the core IT services. Worldwide Advertising, Inc. (WAI) has been structured in such a way that there is the headquarters and also the department that will need some form of connection and the controls, in this case, will be done concerning the rate at which the employees are demanding the IT services.

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The locations that will need that configuration of the core IT services are located in Los Angeles and New York. Having in mind that the company wants to start its operating with about 300 employees, most of them will be located in Los Angeles as it will be acting as the central section of WAI's operations. In that case, the implementation and configuration of the core will need accurate connectivity. The business operation is likely to fail if the connection is not done in the right manner. WAI is a big company, and that means the time that I took in analyzing it was more than if it were a small one.

The solution, in this case, will now entail the incorporation of all the roles that are played by DNS which is commonly known to be part of the Windows Server 2012 and it carries out its operation from the background, and this is based on the production aspects that are associated with the company. In this case, the target will be on advertisement as that it the core function of the company. There will be the use of a directory that will be put in place when it comes to the establishment of effortless management concerning file and sharing aspects. In that case, the solution, in this case, cuts across the schedule that will be focusing on the workforce needed and all the issues that need to be touched on in general.

Deployment and Server Editions (Features of Windows Server 2012)

Windows Server 2012 will be the most appropriate for the implementation of the core IT services and it that case there is a need to have a clue on all its features. The company will have to do an installation of about two servers, and each of them will have to operate on a Windows Server 2012 platform. Windows Server 2012 is among the latest services that are appropriate when it comes to the establishment of networks, and some of its main features are:

This server utilizes that iSCSI aspect. This means that it can be manipulated to operate as one of the target servers when it comes to blocking storages that occur when it is connected to other services in the company.

The server has also been upgraded, and now it can make changes that occur between Server Core and GUI (Graphical User Interface). In that case, the operating system is not necessary (Hess, 2012). This means that all applications that can run on GUI will still operate under the current Server Core and therefore switching from one to the other will be possible.

For this kind of connection, the servers will need to have an aspect of Hyper-V. Windows Server 2012 has been structured in such a way that it utilizes the Hyper-V Replicas that give one a time to come up with some virtual aspect of the machines that have some connection to the storage systems in storage. This means that there will be a need to have incorporation of all the clusters that facilitate a better form of business continuity.

Windows Server 2012 has the also some new aspects incorporated in the IP Address Management (IPAM). Many professionals in the field of IT have been undergoing problems as they are trying to handle the IP address especially if there are servers located in different places (James, 2012). In this case, one central server will be located in Los Angeles while the other one will be located in New York. Thus, the Windows Server 2012 will provide all the possibilities that are attached to the management of all the IP addresses that will be used in a making a connecting between the departments and the servers in the two cities.

WAI needs to experience some form of change when it comes to the DNS that is has been using before the time when it decided to have to cities being connected and utilizing the core IT services. In this case, there is an expansion of services to both Los Angeles and New York, and that means there needs to be an upgrade of all the systems. In this case, there will be a need to make use of a hybrid form of DHCP which will undergo a deployment to act as a relay agent. This will reduce the time that is taken in communication and control of the two locations.

The needs of the company clearly show that it will need to have a solid network layout having in mind that the geographical location of Los Angeles and New York are different. The layout, in this case, will have some large subsets to have an assurance that there will be no traffic in any of the departments regarding communication. The DNS, in this case, will be structured in such a way that it is fault tolerant and this will only take place by using 80/20 configuration that is good when it comes to scope splitting.

Also, the DNS, in this case, will incorporate an additional address range that will take the form of The return will also need to handle regarding an exclusion that will take the form of The split scope is already available, and that means the exclusion will undergo some changes and it will not become This means that the second site will have to use a DNS together with a relay agent under the threshold boot.

Active Directory

Under the Active Directory, WAI will have to make sure that it has put in place the right domain names to gain a better way of applying the domain controllers. In that case, the number needed to make this possible is two as there are only two sites per directory. One of them will be located in Los Angeles while the other will be in New York. Following the needs that have been availed by the company, it is evident that one of the single main domains will be located in Los Angeles as it is the site that has the highest demand when it comes to advertisements.

There will also be Read Only Doman Controller that will still be located in Los Angeles as it acts as the primary site and this will facilitate an excellent form of maintenance. The second site will need a subsidiary domain controller so that it can reduce the traffic that leads to a slow data follow. The Active Directory Integrated Zones will be on the second site as they are the ones that will make a better universal scope.

Figure 1: Active Directory design with DNS namespace hierarchy

File and Printer Sharing

All the sites under WAI will have to make sure that it uses home folders that will be located in the primary workstations for security. The two servers will have to be split up so that they have components that facilitate the sharing aspects that they bear. In that case, DFS will have to be implemented as it is made in such a way that it helps in the achievement of aspects of synchronization and replicating based on the results that come from Remote Differential Compression (RDC) (Olson, 2010). The RDC is made in such a way that it reduces the bandwidth that comes with changes under the transmitted files. In that case, Distributed File Services will take place depending on the units of the directory and the purposes of reliable backup.

The aspects of File Server Resource Manager (FSRM) will also be part of the system while focusing on the sharing mechanisms. The FSRM will be incorporated in monitoring the file storage. Each of the clients will now have an allocation of about 1500MB. This means that soft quotas will undergo some configuration so that they can pass information to the users whenever they have attained a threshold of about 80% based on the entire storage location. File screens will be used to avoid the saving of executable files. The file screens will also lead to a reduction in the rate of production having in mind that WAI is an advertising company. All these details will be availed in the reporting system that will still have some connections to the FSRM (Zacker, 2009). Also, it will make sure that all the private data such as those that hold financial records are not shredded with the production staff as data encryption aspects will have to be put in place. Issues of intrusion detection will undergo a separation process as they will not be part of the file sharing initiatives.


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