Free Essay about Treatment Planning

Published: 2017-10-31
Free Essay about Treatment Planning
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I am seventeen-year-old and had previously been referred for pharmacotherapy tests and diabetes management at pharmacist clinic. I have several medical disorders like type two diabetes that were diagnosed when I was three years old, asthma, hypertension, peripheral edema, and hyperlipidemia. My medical history involves anemia, knee injury and many emergency admissions due to asthma attacks.

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Treatment plan template

Currently, B. L’s diabetes is being treated using the premixed preparation of seventy-five percent of insulin lisper protamine suspension mixed with twenty-five insulin lisper provision. Thirty-three units of the medicine are taken before breakfast while twenty-three units are made before supper in the evening. However, at times am forced to take a little more of the insulin when I realize that my blood sugar levels are too high. No doctor has instructed me on the best algorithm to use when using the insulin.

The physical exam revealed that my body weight is 302lb and height is 5’1”, the blood pressure is 114/78mmHg and the lungs are clear of auscultation bilaterally even without wheezing rhonchi or rales. The lab report revealed that the liver function is within the normal limits, the urinary albumin is in the normal range, blood urea is at normal range, hemoglobin count is at normal range and sodium, calcium and potassium levels are normal.

The medical assessment conducted showed that asthma attacks are severe but poorly controlled, diabetes treatment has been made difficult due to the frequent asthma attacks, obesity condition is stable and, as a patient, I have limited patient education on specific roles of certain medical procedures.

The last step is the evaluation of the current treatment plan to ensure that it is effective to achieve certain medical goals. The drugs and therapy should not interfere with the desired functionality of the body. PWDT proposes the following systematic procedure to help prevent the medication problems; use of a correct amount of the drugs, according to the prescription given by the doctor and regular monitoring by a medical expert to avoid extreme conditions.

Sample individual treatment plan template

Follow-up Questions

1. Do I have allergies to the drugs prescribed?

2. How often are the therapies?

3. How often is the monitoring precaution?

4. How often are the asthma attacks after the treatment?

5. How often am I forced to use more than the recommended amount of insulin?

6. Are there changes in body weight after a period on medication?

Answers to the Follow-up Questions

1. No, I do not have any allergies to the drugs prescribed by the doctor.

2. The therapies are conducted monthly during which the doctor evaluates my medical records and give the necessary recommendations for my improvement.

3. My family and friends all help me to monitor my medical and health progress, and it has been a satisfactory development.

4. The asthma attacks are so much reduced after the doctor advised me to use my inhaler any time feel uncomfortable or I suspect an attack.

5. I rarely use more than recommended amount of insulin. This is because the new medication help boosts my sugar levels.

6. Yes, I have gained quite a significant amount of weight over the past few days. The drugs boost my immune and digestive system.

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