Free Essay Example on Groupthink

Published: 2019-10-10
Free Essay Example on Groupthink
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Definition of Groupthink

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Groupthink is defined as coming up with unanimous decisions as a group without regarding other alternatives or the consequences. Most often, groupthink leads to coming up with a disastrous course of action.

A summary of One Groupthink Theory

The functional group decision decision-making theory examines the results of group structures and behavior. It perceives communication as instrumental in making decisions and solving problems. Communication prevents the coming up of faulty decisions as it promotes critical thinking and rational judgment. The group follows laid down procedures in making the decision which include the demonstration of understanding the problem, formulation of goals, developing alternative solutions, evaluating options,and using evaluations to reach the best decision (Oregon State University, n.d).

How the Theory Would Define Groupthink

The functional group decision decision-making theory would define groupthink as decisions that are made in disregard of developing and evaluating alternatives to reach the most suitable decision (Oregon State University, n.d).

The stage of Group Development Where Groupthink is Most Likely to Occur and Reasons as to why

The norming stage of group development is where groupthink may occur is likely to take place. Groupthink is likely to happen at this stage as members start resolving their differences here and towards becoming a cohesive unit. In this stage members get to know each other and are get more committed to the goals of the team. The norming stage is where progress towards the group goals is witnessed (University of Minnesota, 2016). Therefore, this stage is where groupthink is likely to occur as individuals also try to avoid getting back into conflict.

How Groupthink Might be a Barrier to Effective Communication and Effective Teamwork in a Group

Groupthink acts as a barrier to effective communication and teamwork as it prevents people from airing their views through the pressure to conform. Therefore, members do not critically evaluate the different decisions and the consequences that may originate from the various perspectives but rather focus on a single decision. Due to the failure to focus on alternatives and make decisions based on the evaluations, decisions made more often become ineffective and thus disastrous (Kirst-Ashman, 2014).

Groups That are Most Likely to Result in Groupthink and Why

The groups that are more liable to groupthink are social action and task groups. These groups are more likely to groupthink because they promote a particular agenda and are thus in most cases in a hurry to accomplish the various activities they are undertaking. The quickness to make decisions thus provides the group with less time of analyzing the various alternatives that are at their disposal (Changing Minds, 2016).

Description of the Group Formed to Complete the Assignment Using Structuration Theory

Structuration theory focuses on sustaining and creating organizations through interactions (Ephraim & Boateng, 2013). In the group formed to complete the task, the rules of engagements were designed to promote orderliness during the process of conducting the group activities and also to enhance communication. The various resources to be used in the team were also identified to ease accomplishment of the task based on the goals they would help the group to achieve. The group established the power structures by assigning roles to the different group members with some people having more powers while others had less. For instance, the team leader who controlled the discussions had more power than the rest of the group members.


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