Free Essay: LASA Conflict Management Report

Published: 2022-04-08
Free Essay: LASA Conflict Management Report
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Conflict is unpleasant but in any situation that involves more than one person the probability of conflict arising is high (Prause & Mujtaba, 2015). There are different causes of conflict ranging from philosophical differences, different goals focus to power imbalances. In the event of unmanaged or poorly managed conflicts in a business, it is bound to generate a breakdown in productivity and trust. Therefore, it is paramount to ensure the conflict is resolved before they escalate beyond repairs.

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A conflict resolution ranked lowest and proposed improvement plan.

Accepting is a conflict strategy that involves both parties involved in a conflict to give up their positions in the argument for them to develop a solution if not agreeable (Prause & Mujtaba, 2015). This type of conflict resolution I rank the lowest as often the individuals I am involved in conflicts we are of approximately equal power and when asked to compromise it is a challenge. In order to have a "win-win" solution where all the parties involved are able to attain a measure of satisfaction below are steps to ensure I improve in compromise one of conflict resolution strategies.

First view compromise strategy as a way to have a quick settlement where disputes are resolved quickly which is critical especially for time-sensitive projects, by quickly solving the issues means there is the minimization of potential financial losses. Second, with a compromise, it is an ideal way to ensure integrity is maintained without feeling humiliated this is crucial to maintain teamwork. Therefore, it is important to view the compromise as a way to maintain the team integrity and success as the teams need to ensure they are able to work together without undercutting each other. Third, develop a culture of tolerance that ensures the workplace culture is maintained where I will be able to have a more diverse and accepting environment where employees do not feel a section of some employees are favored over others. Fourth, given many of the conflicts involved are of equal parties at times it is difficult to determine if giving up the fight is worth, but with comprising an individual has the capability to feel each side is giving up something of equal value.

Mediation in Strengthening Conflict Resolution and Management Skills

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution that is utilized especially to resolve a tense and difficult situation at the workplace (Einarsen, Skogstad, Rorvik, Lande & Nielsen, 2016). The mediation process does not necessarily need to result in a definite solution but it is used to ensure that various sides used in conflicts are brought together to find a definite way to work together in harmony. Mediation can be scheduled within a very short timeframe, often as soon as a conflict arises mediation can be scheduled in order to ensure the conflict does not escalate to unbearable means. This enables the management to have a better handle on the conflict as the management can be able to resolve the situation fast without spending many resources on the issue. Mediation is not interest-driven and given it is based on consensus and collaboration, many parties that are involved in the conflict may prefer this approach or see it fair as they are given an opportunity to freely air their views and are confident they are given equal opportunity to make their case (Einarsen, Skogstad, Rorvik, Lande & Nielsen, 2016). Through the mediation process, the management is able to encourage the people not to just deal with their immediate issues but rather focus on how in the future to address the same needs in the event they rise, mediation does not focus on either an individual was right or wrong in the past.

The process of mediation is based on the parties mutual agreement there is no decision or any kind of judgment imposed by the mediator. Especially during a heated conflict at the workplace the managers and leaders need to ensure the teams are able to work in unison without the major conflicts. The nature of mediation is that everything is confidential and the involved parties need not worry about being shammed publicly, this then gives the parties an opportunity to not only share their fears confidently but they are confident their issues will not be discussed by the whole company (Prodromitis, Chryssochoou, & Papastamou, 2017). In management one of the critical element is to ensure the defined relationships at work are maintained and even made better through different platforms, with no judgment experienced through the mediation process the people are able to reevaluate their stand and are willing not to focus on who wins based on the current argument but more of preserving the relationship to ensure the teams focus on devising ways to develop long-term solutions in the event there is a reoccurrence of such an issue it is easier for the groups to apply the recommended solutions and do not have to waste time trying to get another solution.

Arbitration in Strengthening Conflict Resolution and Management Skills

Arbitration entails the parties in argument submitting their independent arguments to an independent third party to review the cases and propose a resolution based on the evidence presented (Stipanowich & Lamare, 2014). During conflict resolutions it is crucial to ensure there is confidentiality retained, with the management expected to make the ruling of the different cases presented, it is paramount for them to ensure they are able to maintain confidentiality. Moreover, there are some sensitive matters which the management may prefer to be excluded from the public domain, thus arbitration guarantees this as it allows the parties involved to make their presentations in private. In many companies in cases where both parties seem not to be bugging down for other forms of conflict resolutions the parties are given an opportunity to settle on an independent expert arbitrator, the individual may be outsourced or randomly selected by the parties in the company. With this approach the parties do not feel the decision arrived at was biased as they had an equal opportunity to select the individual who will be tasked with ensuring the case is resolved amicably.

The decision given by the arbitrator is considered to be the final word. Both parties are not given an opportunity to appeal the decision and in such a case they have to get content with the decision arrived at by the judge. In many cases, the management has found this element useful as they do not have to spend more resources appealing for the case. The arbitrator is noted to work hand in hand with the parties to try and understand the cause and the impact of the conflict, this along the way allows the arbitrator to effectively interact with both parties and ensure they are not only interested with the outcome he or she will give but both parties have an opportunity to evaluate the impact they cause based on their stand. When the parties in detail understand the negative impacts they cause to the company as a result of the conflict engaged they are able in future to avoid being in the same scenario again.

Summary of changes in development inability to handle conflict

In my development plan, I proposed to seek accepted as a way to solve conflict very easy and first to ensure there no much resources used in the process. This has been a struggle over the few weeks I have implemented the plan. Example last week we had a departmental presentation that would entail the winner of the contest get the 1000 dollars funding for the proposed research. In my presentation, I got 6 out of 10 possible votes against my contestant department head who got 4 votes. However, the management upon review two days later rewarded my contestant with the argument his project would take a shorter time and the company needed to roll out some new products in the market. At first, I had a problem accepting the verdict given I was the clear winner but upon reflection, we all were aiming to ensure the company brands shins and the people would get more attracted to the company products and this objective would, either way, be achieved by either department products being rolled out. Moreover, given I was willing to allow my opponent department to get the funding despite the win, I managed to retain my dignity as I not only accepted to lose the funding to the other department without drama but I had an opportunity to teach my juniors at times all matters is achieving the overall company goals and objectives and all members of the team have to work as a unit to achieve the proposed objectives and plans of the company.


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