Free Essay with a Speech Analysis

Published: 2017-12-21
Free Essay with a Speech Analysis
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Presenting information efficiently and clearly is a significant skill needed to pass one’s opinion or message to others. Celeste Headlee in her speech of how to have effective communication has used various conversational techniques to make her presentation. At the beginning of her speech she maintains eye contact and wears a warm facial expression to create a friendly environment to her audience. Her clarity of voice and appropriate speed during her speech also enabled her pass the information. Other nonverbal gestures that she has employed include gestures and body movement.

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Headlee showed passion in what she was presenting which enabled her to connect easily with her audience. This was evident in the constant laughter that emanated from her audience. She appeared relaxed and composed and therefore gaining the confidence of her listeners. She also gives reasonable suggestions on how her audience could improve their communication skills. Again her enthusiasm could not be hidden from her audience. Moreover, she also involved her listeners by asking them questions, which they respond.

She has successfully used technology by using power point in her presentation. The messages on the power point were successfully used to reinforce her message. This is one way of involving her audience. The messages proved to be appealing to the audience since they could laugh at some of them. Her slideshows were few with short and precise information on them.

Her presentation was brief and clear. She did not use a lot of unnecessary information. Her rules on conversation were straight to the point with few explanations. She focused on the core message which was how to improve communication skills. She also concentrated on the need for the audience. From her speech, it is clear that she knew what her audience needed and that is what she offered. The language used was also simple and was easily understood by her listeners.

Her explanations were based on the changes that are currently in the society. For example, she states that the children and youths prefer online communication than developing personal skills. She said that it had been found that averagely youths send about 100 text messages in a day. Her presentation was, therefore, sensitive to diversity.

Headlee gave an explanation by referring to Pew research which reported that about a third of American teenagers send about a hundred texts in a day and most of them prefer texting their friends than talking to them personally. This is relevant to her topic of discussion because it highly contributes to poor communication skills. Most teenagers do not get time to exercise their abilities since they prefer texting conversing with their friends. .

Regarding ethical issues, Headlee’s presentation did not have any biases. No abusive or offensive language was used during her briefing. Again, her speech did not include gender sensitive language apart from comparing a brief conversation to a miniskirt.


In conclusion, her speech is a short study of communication skills and how they apply to the Americans in the 21st century whose ability to converse is severely affected by technology and personal factors. Headlee has formatted her speech in a concise manner that challenges traditional communication etiquette. The speech is organized in a sequential order followed by personal reflection and rhetorical analysis. Her speech entails both verbal and non-verbal techniques that have contributed to its effectiveness. Her speech also reflects diversity in the current society.

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