For the idea to be validated, proper research which agrees with scientific reasoning should be conducted. Exercise has an effective role in the development of lungs. As people exercise, breathing process increases. At times, there is deep inhaling and exhaling. This is done to compensate for oxygen debt.

Published: 2023-01-05
For the idea to be validated, proper research which agrees with scientific reasoning should be conducted. Exercise has an effective role in the development of lungs. As people exercise, breathing process increases. At times, there is deep inhaling and exhaling. This is done to compensate for oxygen debt.
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The occurrence of the phenomena of inhaling and exhaling contributes to the activity of the heart. In addition to this, proper lung expansion is established (Ogden, 2012). The body's functionality is an interconnected web. When something is altered, then the effect is felt in other areas. This implies that as the lungs are developed, the trachea which is the pathway for air passage also undergoes development. Stronger cartilages that support the trachea are developed.

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It is evident that these enhancements attributed to exercise promote resistance to respiratory diseases since the organs that are responsible for normal functioning of the respiratory system are working at their quiescent points. Maximum efficiency is achieved. This with effect promotes the normal functioning of our body.

Respiratory System Development

Exercise enables not only men but also women to utilize the little amount of oxygen their body has. An example of this is proved by athletes (Hagger, 2009). A marathoner can accomplish 40 kilometres without standing to take a breath. You can see how they are physically fit. They achieve these miraculous results by training their bodies to run on low oxygen. When the body uses low oxygen, the rate at which sugar is broken down by respiration is decreased (Hagger, 2009). This promotes an elongated time for breaking down of substrate thus energy provided over a long period.

When proper utilization of the body's oxygen content is achieved, then adaptability of the body is promoted. The body can thus be able to different ecological and environmental conditions no matter the strain imposed by the environment. People would be able to soar to high altitudes without complaining of health issues. As altitude increase, the pressure decreases; thus the level of oxygen in the atmosphere decreases (Hagger, 2009). Survival in high altitudes is therefore attained. This promotes the well-being of men thus proving the statement to be correct.

Circulatory System Development

The heart is an organ whose functionality is independent of the brain. It is the engine of the body. Statistics have shown that most men die of heart attack than women. It is rare to hear that a woman has died of a heart attack even though she might not be exercising. For any system to function properly, the engine's condition must be at its best. Since talking about heart attack would result in a wide range of information, focus on the effects of exercise is the objective.

The heart's main function is to ensure proper circulation of blood. Some vessels enhance the functionality of the heart include the veins, capillaries, and arteries. They transport blood to all parts of the body. For efficiency to be achieved, the blood vessels and the heart should work in coordination.

When exercise is being done, the rate of the heart beat is increased since it is the work of blood to carry oxygen. Oxygenated blood in the lungs needs to be transported to the furthest point of the body, and the blood whose oxygen has been depleted (deoxygenated) needs to be carried back to the lungs.

The rapid and increased supply of oxygen should occur to compensate for oxygen debt. This is made possible by increasing the rate of heartbeat. When the rate of heartbeat is increased, the speed at which blood moves in the vessels increases. The resultant effect is the establishment of well-functioning blood vessels and the heart. If by any case there exist any particles that would inhibit the flow of blood, the force created by the speed of blood would cause its eradication. Therefore, exercise is a contributor to well-being.


Exercise brings a sense of satisfaction. Dopamine is an excitation hormone found in the body. It has a major effect in determining the level of satisfaction an action has. Exercise has an effect of elevating the level of dopamine receptor D2 (Abraham, 2012). Some people do exercise to get fit. By doing so, the results they see brings satisfaction. Sometimes, a lack of exercise is attributed to obesity. Obesity is the major cause of depression and distress in the community.

From all corners of the world, people are complaining about obesity; thus it becomes a psychological issue to tackle. It is not only women who want their body shape to become exquisite, but also no man wants to be left alone looking round. People would thus strive to ensure they cut and add on their muscles. A sense of satisfaction is thus achieved.

DetoxicantsPeople are yearning for detoxification. Why go for chemicals, yet there are a natural detoxicants? Excretion is whereby the body removes waste products. These waste products are toxic and harmful (McBride, Birmingham & Kinney, 2015). When exercise is carried out, the body is prompted to eliminate waste through the process of sweating and frequent. Sweat has urea which is mainly removed out of the body in the form of urine. But by sweating, the skin is improved through lubrication. Also, the skin pores are cleaned off existing waste products that would have acted as a culture medium for the development of disease-causing organisms.

Our bodies need to be cleaned to establish normality. If the body of a person is filled with toxic substances, then the person is prone to attacks from diseases (McBride et al., 2015). Even though there are several ways of actually detoxicating the body, it is preferred that the natural approach be followed. After sweating people are often subjected to taking cold baths. A cold bath is a therapy. The feeling of taking a bath after brings rejuvenation of strength. The mind is also hyperactivated and hence the day tackled with much zeal.


Depression is a commonly used word in every corner of the world right now. The world is experiencing the most alarming rates of suicide and murder as a result of depression. Poor people seem to be better off in terms of how they can live a stress-free lifestyle (Abraham, 2012). Some deaths tend to leave people with their mouth open since questions asked are like; did he/she lack anything? What goes on in peoples mind is not the same as their visual impression.

Most of these deaths are experienced in men more than in women. This is because women can express their feelings and have confidants to talk to whereas men prefer holding thongs to themselves (McBride et al., 2015). Studies have shown that exercise plays a vital role in establishing a better state of mind.

Meditation has been proved to have capabilities of making people focus, drop their anger and solve problems. Meditation in exercise is achieved in Yoga. As yoga enables the body to stretch to extremes, also the mind is being worked on. Yoga is an activity whose roots have been traced to the monks. It is evident that the monks live a stress-free life. Many of them become life coaches to help others utilize the strength of their bodies, push the boundaries of their present working abilities and also achieve a stabilized mental state.


Concluding, it is possible to agree with the idea of postulated about exercise. The effects are on both genders even though the focus was on men. All these proofs are connected to mental health since any anomaly in health brings about mental distress. When the body does not perform its normal functions, then there is an irritation caused by inabilities. For people to wake up joyfully and work effectively, there is need to sustain good health. People should also be contended with what they have as it is a vital life skill that people ignore since it brings self-satisfaction.

Response to Friend

Research about the benefits of exercise to mental health are a proof that exercise improves our mental health. If I was approached about the methods to employ in improving mental health of a friend, then the described activities concerning physical exercise would be the best choice of answer. Inability to do so would result to consequences. It is better to avoid regret in the future by following the prescription. For a friend, rigorous follow-up is the only option to use in making sure and encouraging them to do so. The methods are scientifically proven by research thus there is no way it might refuse to work. In addition, I would insist of further reading and research since it is the only way of understanding the benefits. Reading is also a way of properly utilising time and a form of meditation.


In summary, according to the discussed health psychology prevention and intervention procedures in relation to effects of exercise on mental health, there is provision of scientific proof of the ideology that exercise improve mental health and illness in men. Some of the benefits are; lung improvement which corresponds to respiratory system development. They are made possible by the process of inhaling and exhaling prompted by exercise. Another one is heart development made possible by fluctuations in rate of heart beat. Rigorous exercise contributes to increasing rate of heart beat. After the exercise, the rate reduces to normal. This phenomenon makes the heart adapt to various subjection of adrenaline level. Shock which leads to heart attack can be tackled. Another one is detoxication made possible through sweating. In addition to detoxication, calories are burnt. Availability of fats in the body causes lack of shape. Such fats need to be eradicated from the body. When exercise id done, fats need to be broken down to produce energy. Since the world is experiencing alarming rates of depression, one of the preventive and intervention measure to undertake is exercise. An alternative method of spending time is through exercise. The time used to think of how self-unworthy a person is can instead be used for exercise. Exercise increases the rate of blood flow to the brain thus mental health is improved. Lastly, self-satisfaction is achieved by indulging in various forms of exercise. One of the main contributors of self-satisfaction is when you know you are in your right mind. Meditation being a form of exercise, helps people to focus. Problems that might seem impossible to tackle can reveal its easiness during exercise as the mind is juggled as the nervous system works at its quiescent point. When people achieve self-satisfaction, there is no point of being mentally sick. Peace of mind is achieved.


Abraham, C. (2012). Designing interventions to change health-related behaviour patterns.Randomized clinical trials...

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