Career Goals Essay Example

Published: 2022-04-15
Career Goals Essay Example
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Section A: Career Goals

My dream company is Samsung which deals with electronics. It is a top company in the LinkedIn and rated with three stars. The company aspires me since it produces quality products, have quality management and support, and excellent customer care services (Lee, pg. 250). Their products have great features, for example, a more significant storage space and processor which increases the speed of the gadgets. My mission is to enhance security in their systems and the features of their products. I am a versatile individual who believes in the strength of diversity and social responsibility. Integrity and proficiency are my two fundamental qualities.

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Section B: Short-term Goals

Short-term goals are goals which are attainable shortly. I wish to enhance my quality of life. This is attainable by having a better outlook on life and always being optimistic. To get a quality life, I require setting goals which are reasonable and feasible. Moreover, to improve the quality of life, I ought to get rid of work-related stress. I have set a goal to restructure my priorities. If the priorities are placed first, one can attain all wishes, and always keeping my resume updated. I have set a goal to learn new skills, which includes being certified by the engineering board. To attain the new skills, I have to recognize and appreciate the works that the works that the others have done, read more and attain knowledge.

I have a plan to increase my speed and accuracy. This will enable me to finish projects timely. Proper time management is a prerequisite in the Samsung company which I wish to work for, so I require to reschedule time for every task. For example, the time to be waking up and reporting to work and time to have a rest to reenergize. I aim at working on my communication skills and develop the required public speaking skills. I will increase my knowledge so as I can be helpful in the company to solve the engineering problems and understand the contemporary issues.

Section C: Long-term Goals

The long-term career goals are goals which usually take more than twelve months to be achieved (Duckworth, pg.1087). I have a plan for long-life learning. This will make me acquire and utilize skills in engineering over time and will enhance my knowledge. It will include learning new drawing and programming skills. The programming languages used in the Samsung company comprises; SQI and PHP. To work in the company, I have to attain all my academic qualification in engineering. I program to have financial freedom. I will have not to be extravagant and have a full professional network.

I purpose to achieve the highest position in the Samsung company in the engineering department. I will have to work harder and become an expert in the engineering field or a consult. This will make me have an opportunity to apply for the position. I also plan to achieve my ambitions in a shorter timeframe; this would create a room for early retirement. I will work more to achieve my goals in my first years. Finally, I plan to become an experienced, competent project manager who will be capable of delivering multi-year projects. Moreover, I wish to publish articles and journals pertaining electrical engineering which will be helpful to other people and generations.

Section D: Reflection

In conclusion, the goals I have set will be of help while working in Samsung company, since they will make me have a more precise focus on what the company expects from me. Knowing how to manage to manage time will facilitate good performance in the company. The goals set will make me make decisions which will be helpful and have free communication with others. Issues on time management and professional networking are the most important in developing my professional standards since with a perfect network, am capable of learning and acquiring new skills (Chase, 1891).

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