Free Essay Example: Concepts of Aging

Published: 2023-09-19
Free Essay Example: Concepts of Aging
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Dementia is a condition associated with aging. Even though it is a spectrum of diverse conditions, it is peculiar in its symptoms and the nature of its presentations. Impairment of at least two brain cell functions leading to loss of vital services makes these patients susceptible to other old age-related diseases such as depression (Hillier & Barrow, 2014). However, dementia is an inherited disease with very severe impacts on children. The pathophysiology of dementia revolves around the alteration of brain metabolism affecting the development of the brain tissue. The NCL characteristics are likely to present in several members of the same family (Hillier & Barrow, 2014). Even though the aging process is associated with many challenges, it is rational to agree that dementia, which includes severe memory loss and disorientation, is abnormal in the aging process.

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Drawing into a mirror involved a lot of anxiety and emotional imbalance—the stress of not being sure whether you are doing or wrong was very significant throughout the exercise. Even though ordinary people are not likely to realize intensively what people with dementia undergo, it is clear that it involves a lot of struggle. Staring in the mirror while drawing a house and a clock in real time was challenging since all the focus was totally on a different thing. Therefore, the probability of expressing the wrong concept is very high, even though the basic idea is present in mind. Such experiences much helped fit into the dementia patient (Hillier & Barrow, 2014). Drawing using the unfamiliar hand points out emotional distress due to wrong responses from their feelings. Despite having the right idea in mind, the output seems to be unsatisfying. Therefore, dementia patients encounter false perceptions of their emotions since they have less control over their feelings.

Dementia can be significantly controlled through keen observation of a healthy lifestyle. Since the condition is genetically inherited, genetic screening of couples is vital in reducing the cases of inheritance of the disease in children. Discouraging marriage of close relatives is essential in ensuring that the conditions if eliminated from society. Eating a healthy diet, avoid consumption of alcohol and cigarettes is fundamental in lowering the risks of getting the disease (Hillier & Barrow, 2014). More so, encouraging both physical and mental exercise is essential in inhibiting developing dementia. Health control is also a significant role everyone should take cautiously to lower the risks of dementia.

Personalities are an essential aspect of developmental psychology. More so, some personality traits are fundamental in managing old age challenges while other characters are less useful. Hillier & Barrow (2014), derived that outgoing people who have low neurotic activity are less likely to develop dementia. Since personality predicts the cognitive aspects of individuals, it is very crucial. Extroverts are social people with high interacting skills and communication. Therefore, interaction skills help the old make bonds during this age, which is necessary for the prevention of dementia. Some unpleasant personality traits such as stubborn individuals are known to be list least in contracting dementia.

However, personalities that include introverts, calm people, and antisocial individuals are known to register the highest number of people with dementia. These personality traits have poor communication skills and interaction abilities, which worsen with age. Poor interaction skills lead to loneliness (Hillier & Barrow, 2014). One of the predisposing factors to dementia in old age is the lack of company and food during old age. More so this period, psychological imbalances are at their peak due to the end of life stress associated with this period.


Hillier, S. M., & Barrow, G. M. (2014). Aging, the individual, and society. Cengage Learning.

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