Cyber Security Essay Sample

Published: 2017-12-04
Cyber Security Essay Sample
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Why is cyber security so important

Numerous incidences of cyber security have attracted notable attention globally.

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Personal and financial data of employees and consumers using computer systems is threatened.

Computer data vulnerability creates a need for understanding information security

People and organizations manage to safeguard themselves from cyber threats (Lukas, 2015).

Potential cyber security salary

Cyber security employees a variety of people different skills

From a junior security analyst all the way to the C-Suite level.

The case study conducted in 2007 and 2008 the lowest paid InfoSec analyst was a network engineer in MIS/IS or IT with a round up figure of $ 76,500 per annum. This is quite high in comparison to many professions.

The highest paid InfoSec analysts were at the C-Suite and the Director level in a cyber security firm with salaries ranging from $130,000 to $160,000 per annum

Cyber security work conditions

Cyber security needs a silent and comfortable setting since there is so much information that the analysts have to go over at any given time.

Most InfoSec firms create clean and minimal workstations for InfoSec analysts to concentrate on their job

Putting workers closer to each other is also recommended to earnest the synergy of team work

Staff normally work for long hours and take short breaks. A schedule that is necessary for productivity and fits well with cyber security personality types.

Growing cyber incidents

Top cyber threats

Understanding Information Security

Information security refers to ways of safeguarding information systems as well as information from cyber threats

It facilitates in safeguarding data from unauthorized use, access, disruption, disclosure, destruction, or modification.

It offers integrity, which necessitates safeguarding against inappropriate information destruction

It also hinders data modification through ensuring information authenticity and nonrepudiation (Make IT Secure, 2016).

Parties under Risk

Information security risks can affect people individuals, organizations, families, and government institutions

Hackers normally target service providers, such as lawyers and consultants.

Cyber attacks also target small and big enterprises that lack adequate security (ISRMC, 2016).

Types of attackers and methods

Risks facing Internal and External Data

Companies face risks of cyber security, especially when attackers target employee and customer information.

Data breaches might also affect personal information, which might be highly disruptive.

Malware data and identity theft among other threats also affect consumers (Cisco, 2016).

Network Security Relevance

Network security facilitates in safeguarding computer systems from threats.

Effective network security safeguards computers from various types of attacks

Individuals and organizations need secure networks to avoid threats

Cyber criminals utilize networks to carry out attacks and steal information (Cisco, 2016).

Computer security essay

How Network Security Works

Networks security prevents attackers from gaining access to computer networks.

Individuals and organizations should introduce diverse security layers

Many security layers ensure that computer systems are protected even if one security measure fails

Different network components work together to boost security of computers (Cisco, 2016).

Cyber security sources

Network Security Benefits

Companies realize sustained business practices free from disruption

Workers are more productive

Organizations meet the compulsory regulations that revolve around compliance.

Since network security safeguards customer data, it minimizes legal action risk,

Network security assists in safeguarding the reputation of a business (Cisco, 2016).

Gaining Optimal Internet


The Internet makes banking and shopping easier.

It avails wealth of information

The web allows users to meet, communicate, and share easily

Exercising caution is vital when surfing the internet

Ensure that computers and devices that access the Internet are adequately protected (Make IT Secure, 2016).

Safeguarding Data Security

Security Set Up through introducing Two-Factor Verification Ensure that you have all security systems.

Exercise accountability and introduce measures for enforcing security

Maintenance and Analysis of Infrastructure

Maintaining a clean and strong infrastructure is vital.

Organizations should consider hiring strong CIOs or CTOs

Remain prepared for any cyber crisis through making appropriate plans.

Introduce models of reporting and monitoring groups (Cisco, 2016).

Cyber security solutions


Cyber security threat is real

Any person or organization can be affected

Ensure to impose relevant security measures for enhancing security

Develop plans for dealing with threats

Remain updated on emerging security threats


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