Free Essay Describing a Visit to Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Published: 2022-05-17
Free Essay Describing a Visit to Los Angeles County Museum of Art
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Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) located on Wilshire Boulevard is a place that will remain memorable to me. Apparently, this museum has been coined to be the largest art gallery in the United States. During my visit at LACMA, I found the massive collection of contemporary art displayed in the Broad Fashionable work Art Museum which comprised of works by artists of post-war Modern art collected from as early as 1950s amazing. These iconic works of art by artists like Claes Oldenburg and CY Twombly and the famous Back Seat Dodge '38 by Edward Kienholz (1964) are some of the most spectacular pieces that in their own way make LACMA a destination for enthusiasts of art.

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LACMA Museum

I went through collections of American, pre-Columbian, and Latin-American Art displayed on the first floor of the Art of Americans Building which was previously known as the Anderson building. This part of the museum is specifically comprised of works of art from North Central and South America. The museum's pre-Columbian collections have been gathered from collectors and some excavated from burial chambers in Colima and other parts of modern-day Mexico. The Latin-American arts displayed in this museum are probably the largest collection notable, a big part of which is said to have been donated by Bernard Lewin and Edith Lewin in 1996. Under the same stand are displays of Spanish Colonial collection which comprise galleries from artist like Miguel Cabrera and Nicholas Rodriguez Juarez. Notable Latin-American displays are works by Francis Alys.

The Chinese and Korean collections housed at The Hammer Building are another set of art I could not help noticing. The Korean collection includes ceramics which dates back to 1966 and a guide at LACMA confidently claims that this museum harbors the most comprehensive collection outside Korea and Japan. At the pavilion for Japanese Art, I found displays of the Shin'enkan collection and bronze objects of Buddhist sculpture. Other collections placed in the category were relics from India which displayed sculptures of Buddha and Hindu deities.

Apart from the Greek and Roman Art displays at the Ahmanson Building, the Islamic galleries were overwhelming. The display of art was in plentiful, ranging from ceramics, inlaid metal-works, enameled glass, carved wood and stones, manuscript illuminations, and Islamic calligraphy were among my favorite experiences during the visit. Contrast to the numerous displays in this museum, there are several permanent art installations including Los Angeles sculptor at the entrance of the Art of the Americans Building, Tony Smith's smoke in Ahmanson building, and the palm tree garden that surrounds BCAM building. The latest of them all is the Levitated Mass designed by Michael Heizer. Another major development in this museum is on the former may Company building which is intended to hold the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures.

My visit to LACMA was not only adventurous but it also gave me a chance to witness amazing talents and works of gifted artists. The diversity of cultural aspects presented through various forms of art proves the Los Angeles Museum of Art to be a rich pool of information regarding the history of humankind. Additionally, it illustrates unique practices of societies which can be harnessed and used as an informative tool in the today's world that is faced with globalization and culture drainage led to by dynamics in human interactions.

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