Current Network Architecture - Free Essay

Published: 2023-10-16
Current Network Architecture - Free Essay
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The network architecture in SNHUE Industry Inc. will provide the design and layout of the computer networks that are used within the company. The architectural design of the network within the company consists of the hardware, software, and communication protocols alongside the modes of transmission of the network with the underlying internet connectivity (Varshney et al., 2019). The company's network architecture will help in providing a detailed overview of the network by classifying it in a logical form. It is because the technology of network architecture forms a basic background of scientific inventions of various projects that will emerge within SNHUEnergy Inc.

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With comprehensive network design, there would be a greater transition of SNHUEnergy Inc. to ensure that their proceeding operations in the next 12 to 18 months present a communication infrastructure that can deliver effectively. The current headquarters of the company makes it easy to develop faster due to the availability of the hardware and software within Dallas. Texas, which is the main in the region, has always provided essential facilities to the United States concerning various levels of network designs in the region.

Physical Network Devices

SNHUEnergy Inc. carries out various projects on the current logical and physical design of the network to find out coverage network connectivity. Therefore, it comprises many types of physical network devices that improve connections of all devices across the organization. The components are used to connect various systems for sharing and transmission of data. They include switches, routers, gateways, bridges brouters, LAN (local area network) devices, network cards, network protocols, firewall equipment, modem, and Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN). Switches are the point of linkage to the Ethernet setup (Parkvall et al., 2019). Bridges and routers create and connect the different local networks. Similarly, they permit particular files into the net and transmits data to the supplementary system by use of network filter.

The routers assist in the segmentation of the internet network across the organization. They will facilitate the sending of packets to the internet cloud of various departments of the organization. Since the organization consists of a single building with multiple floors and various divisions like human resources, IT, accounting, along with operations, the routers will ensure proper internal network segmentation. Thus, ensuring data security by preventing data packet from roaming into a wrong network center.

The switches will act as the controllers of the Internet protocol addresses within the organization. Besides, they will assist in the process of dynamic host configuring of protocols through sending and receiving communication packets within various organizational departments. Also, the firewall will provide the necessary internal network protection from hackers and unauthorized users by blocking any traffic that may be created by malicious users. The firewalls will be installed on all the gadgets within the organization through packaging the routers with firewall firmware and software.

Current Critical Traffic Patterns

The organization also uses critical traffic patterns to accelerate the transmission of information and transport facilities. They include various network servicing procedures where packets all use a Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP). This is an application-level protocol that determines how programs manage the real-time transmissions of multimedia data over the network services. It uses the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) to determines how to split application data into packets.

The Traffic Patterns of the Critical Applications

The two protocols take across the organization's network structure from office to office and from department to department, which in turn lets the two hosts provide a connection and exchange streams of data. Both of the devices are synchronized by using a three-way TCP handshake that must be activated before sending devices, and the receiving tools start to exchange the data (Lu et al., 2019). The organization has always encountered network problems, and they cannot modify them in the system settings. They will thus introduce a competent network management team to help in rebooting the hardware and software to eliminate viruses and malware. The organization will, therefore, install and reinforce its network system by use of supercomputer with a unified server. They store mass data are easily accessible by microcomputer networks.

Potential Performance Issues with the Current Network

With the expansion plans underway, more changes on the network architectural framework should be initiated to avoid issues that may occur if no modifications are made. If the firewall equipment is not increased in the new offices, there could be instances of network traffic that would weaken the connectivity within the organization. Also, if the routers are not added, the segmentation of the network in the organization will be poor, making the expansion less effective as this may interfere with communication channels.

Potential Security Issues within the Current Network

If the changes are not incorporated in the company's expansion plan, the systems used in network coordination would be affected by certain types of malware like the Trojan horse. Due to the planned communication protocols, ignoring the changes would distort the message since the accessibility of the databases will be more accessible by unauthorized individuals.

Visual Representation of End-to-end Path Flow

The figure below presents a visual representation of an end-to-end path flow of the existing network within the organization. The Visio diagram shows the output of the traffic flows of data flow within the organizational network architectural design.


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