Free Essay with the Article Summary on a Government Issue

Published: 2019-10-28
Free Essay with the Article Summary on a Government Issue
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The article Congress Returns with Just Weeks to Prevent Government Shutdown by Kelly in the USA Today online newspaper discusses the importance of the return of the congress from recess on the US government. The article argues that several state agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and National Park Services may face closure unless the lawmakers vote on the crucial stop-gap spending bill.

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The author states that the Republicans and Democrats have played blame games while on recess on their failure to agree and pass the crucial bill that is central to the government continued operations. Moreover, the author postulates that the lawmakers also have to tackle other pressing issues that were left undressed such as the Zika funding which is vital for the combating of the Virus. According to the author, the funding is important because many of the US citizens are in favor of the funding as a poll held by US Today newspaper indicated that about 62% of Americans support additional funding to be done by the congress.

Additionally, the article argues that the Republicans are keen to vote on non-essential bills that are deemed to be of less importance while significant issues receive less focus. One of such bills is on the impeachment of IRS Commissioner which according to the article is less likely to receive support from the democrats and treasury view them baseless and is also not expected to receive much consideration from the Senate. The author further argues that other bills on major issues are less likely to be addressed by the Congress before it breaks for elections in October. For instance, the Republican-dominated Congress is likely to continue with its block vote of Merrick Garland a Supreme Court nominee. Besides, the congress has been accused to have not done enough on issues that affect ordinary citizens such as opioid abuse, gun violence, and tainted water system. The author argues that the congress is doing minimal work so that they may not be perceived negatively and keep the government open.

Furthermore, the article argues that the major focus of the Congress after the recess is to prevent the government shutdown. The Rebellious House Funding Caucus members are said to be keen on a funding fix that would only last up to March next year to allow the new government to sent its spending priorities. On the other hand, the members of the House Appropriation Committee want the current congress to complete its work as expected. Besides, the Congress is anticipated to add funding for the control of the virus just to keep the government open as some senators are feeling the pressure of doing these to aid the re-election of some senators so that the Republican can ensure a majority in the Senate.

However, the author argues that there is a need for other house leaders to seek support from the Democrats so that the government is funded if the short term fix of the Freedom Caucus will not be adopted. If the freedom Caucus will not compromise, the house leaders will be forced to work with the democrats to prevent an imminent shutdown which may be catastrophic. The article concludes that keeping the government open would be a great lift.

I share the same sentiments with the writer that Congress has not done enough to address the issues that are facing ordinary citizens and there is a need for them to put a greater focus on this before they break for the elections. Additionally, the Republican and Democrats Congressmen need to pass the stop-gap spending bill to keep the government open because closure will be detrimental for the nation.

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