Free Essay: Crisis in the Case of a Peanut Corporation of America

Published: 2023-01-23
Free Essay: Crisis in the Case of a Peanut Corporation of America
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The topic that we chose as a group was to evaluate the silence in the Turmoil of crisis in the case of a company known as Peanut Corporation of America. The main reason why we chose this particular topic was that all the members were conversant with crisis analysis and management and it would be better for us to work with a topic that did not give us a lot of difficulties. The topic was also favorable for the group as we had quite a number of resources that would help in its completion. We hoped to present a high-quality report that discussed every struggle for the company and how that would be a lesson for other companies that are facing the same to ensure that they have different strategies that can combat the crisis.

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The topic was interesting and educative at the same time to discuss the kind of issues that companies go through as they try to communicate with the stakeholders. It could not only be Peanut Corporation as other struggling to make a decision could also refer to the report. Every step of the analysis taught a whole lot of concept to everyone especially those that would want to build their own companies later in life. Every team participated actively in the completion of the assignment. The strategy that we used as a group was to divide the various areas that constituted the report to each of the members who would then conduct their research and give their analysis. The work was done perfectly with the utmost skills of crisis analysis.

There is a significant part of the assignment that we have accomplished so far. We have been able to complete the paper according to the different subtopics which include the introduction part, steps to deal with a business crisis, the silence in the turmoil of crisis analysis, the conclusion and the recommendation. These were the parts of the paper that were crucial to outline and discuss as we explored every other detail of the case.

My part of the work was about the Silence in the Turmoil of Crisis which was the core part of the assignment. This part was also exciting to work on as it included analyzing the activities of Peanut Corporation of America and how it made a decision that led to the crisis. I was able to do a commendable job on this analysis part by examining the communication crisis to the stakeholders which are a critical area as they deserve to be furnished with information concerning the operations of the company and the way forward. I investigated the aspect of the Corporation and what they should have done as it is crucial in the present days to lay down the mechanisms that can be replicated in the case of future relatable circumstances.

Our team worked extra hard to make sure there was super completion of the work by reaching out to every member on online discussions and approving of each person's work through the emails. It was a pleasure working together to reach a conclusion for the report and we would also like to explore other issues that will help organizations strategize towards the better areas to enhance their relationship with the stakeholders.

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