Education Essay Example: Causes and Effects of Chris' Algebraic Problems

Published: 2022-03-28
Education Essay Example: Causes and Effects of Chris' Algebraic Problems
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Chris has been a hardworking, passionate person with big career ambitions. He probably is the male firstborn in his family. However, despite being so much eager to study and complete high school level, he is faced with lack of resources forcing him to seek employment at the restaurant. The challenge of inadequate or having no money makes him register for the school semester very late. A different angle, elicit an argument that Chris lack of support from his family makes him go through all these predicaments. Looking it from a family perspective, perhaps Chris parents passed on such that he has no one to look at or the parents are uncaring and inconsiderate enough to allow him into such problematic entanglement. Chris faces lack of resources, money and family support to see him through the semester.

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Chris is a fanatic schoolboy and he fervently takes note, goes to class and does the homework assigned. The hard work he reveals is probably as a motivation and a belief that one day he will succeed and complete the high school level. However, lack of support from the family and lack of money makes him transverse the job market and get the payment required for school fees and keep up. He is so much determined and focused such that after classes and late in the evenings he is working at the restaurant even though his hard work doesn't reflect on the exam results. The most immediate effect of Chris lack of money is to seek for a job on which he can rely on for support. The causal problem is lack of school fees which demands Chris seek a source of income at the restaurant. He gets the job, and for the few weeks, he manages to juggle between the schoolwork, writing and completing every assignment and attending every single class. However, the progress is not so smooth, and the restaurant job gets overwhelming, as a result, Chris starts missing classes and failing to study or complete the homework. This makes him ill-prepared for the exam, a reason why he failed and is facing a problem of dropping out from the curriculum which means he will have loosed or continuing with the curriculum even though he is failing.

The Chris scenario reflects both short-term and long-term repercussions of lack of fees. The short-term is the immediate effects which include a flow of events such as, Chris money challenge, forces him out of his groove to work in the restaurant and since during the daytime he is in school, he has to work during the night shift. Even though he can swerve between school and work, the school concentration levels drop and he is sure of failing after a series of missed classes and undone homework. This can be attributed to lack of sleep and lack of time due to the demanding nature of restaurant job. This tangle is reflected in Chris difficulties in math. Mathematics requires a real deal of time and practice, but he is always busy with ongoing classes or ongoing job. The struggle can also be attributed to lack of sleep which hinders him from concentrating during a math's lesson. The possible long-term effect include being expelled out of the school or him taking the initiative of dropping out the studies. This is very unfortunate for him given his commitment and desire to complete his studies. Health effect would also loom because of the lack of sleep, and he might suffer and insomnia disorder, risking him to depression and other problematic symptoms of disorders. He might also get stress given the fact that the missed classes and the resulting failure in school are not his wishes.

Chris problem stem from lack of money and keep up resources. Going by this logic, it can be argued that there are a few of well-wishers who would love to see Chris completing the school. The immediate solution is for Chris to pitch his problems to them and ask for their help. These people maybe prominent people or even school teachers. Alternatively, Chris can enroll for government sponsorships after explaining the problem. Additionally, it is apparent that Chris would fancy an opportunity for any scholarship. All these are sources of help and money that will ease up Chris time and allow him to focus on school work. Furthermore, Chris can ask for a leave from the restaurant job and concentrate on the final paper of the semester. By asking for the leave, Chris will free up time to study and catch up with others students. Alternatively, he can change the job contract to work only during the weekends and study during the weekdays. Looking at the seriousness of the problem, these are all viable solutions which he would be happy to consider.

In conclusion, Chris algebra challenge is as a result of lack of time to sufficiently study the concepts. Given his desire for education. This challenge is founded on the lack of support from his family and consequently lack resources, money for paying fees and keep up money. The dilemma can be resolved by devoting more time for studying and demoting job demands. The most viable solution at the moment is exiting the job and concentrating on the algebra concepts despite the need for money. Since the final exam is nearing, he can ask well-wishers for the support during this tough time so that he can get through the end of the semester. Essentially, Chris can afford to give up because the only people who give up are in cemetery with their carcass and ambitions dead.

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