Creativity and Systematic Innovation Methods. Essay Example.

Published: 2019-10-08
Creativity and Systematic Innovation Methods. Essay Example.
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Creativity is necessary since it helps people escape their boring daily routine work that, if left like that may be viewed as a way of enslaving ones life. For one to be creative, he or she has to break the monotonous familiar and comfortable habits. Dissociative thinking theory, majorly related to creativity can be used to teach different thought process among people and as such can affect the persons behavior that drives his or her thought process to develop a new method of thinking and behavior (Koestler, 1964).

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By use of associative method theory, as portrayed in the six thinking hats, a new but different way of thinking can be thought. The six thinking hats have six colors with each represent a different way of thinking that triggers different patterns which, as De Bono demonstrated represent a thought pattern (De Bono, 1999). He postulated that the black hat was a representation of negative thinking that lingered around a devils approach. The blue represented an observable process, and the green one was for an innovative approach. White for seeking objective information to solve challenges, red was a representation of feelings and emotions and lastly yellow, that represented a positive and optimistic approach to reasoning. A good knowledge of this dissociative theory and hats can help marketers do their job more efficiently to established loyal and longtime customers.

The dynamism experienced in the business world demands good understanding and subsequent application of these thinking strategies to influence people, more specifically buyers. But more importantly, is the use of the thinking capability to be creative in developing new ideas and ways of solving myriad challenges in the business world. One important innovation that has developed out of the creative thing and applications of various theories therein is the use of computers in data management. Today, computers are used to store, process and run data within businesses. Good application of creativity in research has created new ways that enable businesses all over the world to effectively improve the way the offer goods and services (Kim, 2014).

In additional to the success in business that has been brought by the use of computers to store, run and process data, they have significantly enabled utilization and advancement of the internet, one of the best innovations of the last few decades. The internet has significantly given businesses global visibility increasing their client base enormously. On the flipside, these innovations have increased competition among business, an issue that has increased the need for further innovation if the business has to survive the cut-throat competition.

Thus, creativity and innovation is a serial and continuous process. Advanced technology coupled with individual skills are essential qualities for businesses to continue building great business relations to improve innovation programs. The impact of technological advancement cannot be underestimated, either in individual people lives or in how businesses use it to conduct their operations. It has contributed to now dynamic and highly variable business operations, making it among the highly essential needs of any business. Conventional technological innovations are being phased out at a rate never imagined before.

In conclusion, creativity is the first among a series of systematic innovation methods. The context is a case study of a creative idea developed by one thoughtful person and spreading quickly to change how several things happen in the business world.

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