Free Essay: Dual Admission Program

Published: 2023-03-15
Free Essay: Dual Admission Program
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My desire to join a medical school and become a physician did not just arise from the blues. It is vividly embedded in my childhood days and my high school days when I remained hyper-focused on excellence in academics and extra-curricular activities. As a student in high school, I demonstrated not just an aptitude for health and sciences, but also, and more significantly, an unending passion for the profession itself. Since the field is uniquely competitive, I ensured that I did the best in my education, especially in sciences, since I knew that good performance in sciences was an indispensable factor for me to become a physician.

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I consider myself a multitalented individual who can fit in various roles, but I found being a physician the weightiest of them all. The major reason for me to want to become a physician is that this was a calling. As I grew up, I interacted with people who worked in the hospitals and they would share their experiences with me. One common thing I realized about these people is that they were happy about what they did. They enjoyed serving patients and improving their health status. The more I shared with them, the more I found myself getting interested in being a physician.

My decision to become a physician was also motivated by the values that were instilled in me by my family and my faith. As I grew up, I was taught the need to help others without expecting anything in return. Besides, my mum always taught me to consider everyone as my brother or sister and accord them the necessary assistance irrespective of their circumstances.

After my high school studies, I visited one of the nearby hospitals where I volunteered to perform various roles within the hospital. As a volunteer, I would help the physicians perform various functions within the hospital, and they were all happy with me.

Being a physician is a job that is quite demanding in terms of schooling, training, and work-related schedules. As such, it requires a heavy dose of patience, coupled with tenacity. I felt that I was ready for all these since I knew that my ultimate joy rested in helping other people stay healthy.

The Dual Admission Program would support me to fulfill my childhood dreams and get to help other people lead better and healthier lives. The program would equip me with the knowledge and training that is required to ensure that I become a physician. The program would also allow me to enroll for a Bachelor of Science degree and later enroll for a Doctorate in Osteopathy, which will ensure that I have been certified to practice as a physician.

The Dual Admission Program has a golden reputation for helping students make their dreams a reality. This is largely driven by the fact that the Dual Admission Program integrates various facets to produce learners who have the ability to learn at the graduate level. Cognizant of this, the program would be a magical force to drive me to the doctorate level.

After the completion of the course, I wish to continue helping more people live better and healthier lives. As a competent and certified nurse, I will have the opportunity to serve more people at different hospitals. Besides, I will volunteer during my free time to ensure that I serve more people.

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