Essay Example on Professionalism in Physical Therapy Students

Published: 2019-10-28
Essay Example on Professionalism in Physical Therapy Students
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In the physical therapy field, a range of core values is required of the therapists in the sector and the physical therapy students in school. These values conform to the physical therapy Code of Ethics that describe what and how therapists should conduct their duties and responsibilities. It is in this light that they display professionalism and can be referred to as real professionals. Therefore, professionalism in a student in physical therapy means acting in an appropriate and intellectual manner and communicating in an acceptable and cautious manner. It also encompasses displaying the right attitude towards the lecturers, fellow students and the course itself. Since the students are to be in the physical therapy in future, they ought to display the field values in school as a sample of what they are to deliver to the sector upon graduation.

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The core values that govern the conduct of students and specialists in this field include; accountability, respect, integrity, altruism, excellence, and duty. In addition to these values, students should display student professionalism by observing punctuality, portraying good manners and being courteous and maintaining confidentiality of confidential details and information. These values can be narrowed down to a set of principles that will govern the conduct of students in school and professionals in their fields of work. They include:


This is the value of actively accepting the responsibility that comes along with the different roles, regulations, and practices of a physical therapist. This has an overall effect on the patient outcomes, the profession itself and the health requirements of the community in question. Accountability can be portrayed by kind responses to the needs and goals of the clients, welcoming feedback from sources and actively responding to it and acceptance and acknowledgment of the consequences of their actions.


This is the value of physical therapists that requires them to use the current information and theories while actively acknowledging their personal limits. It involves linking their professional judgment with the patient and clients point of view, accepting new advancements, challenging common mediocrity and working towards the discovery of new theories and knowledge. Excellence in a professional can be indicated by the therapist investing in the profession, taking seriously the importance of being able to support his or her professional actions and decisions using a variety of sources. Also, the therapists should demonstrate high levels of intellectual humility when handling different interpersonal and professional situations.


In physical therapy, integrity refers to the absolute adherence to all ethical and professional principles and standards. It involves maintaining honesty, justice and fulfilling what one says he or she will do while being able to state the reason why they do what they do. A physical therapist can portray integrity by adhering to the rules and regulations put in place while following the laws applied in their profession. These laws come in very handy while handling tricky and sensitive dilemmas which may result to consequences.


This is the value in the medicine sector that involves taking primary regard to the interest or needs of the patients or clients. It typically involves taking responsibility of putting the patients needs ahead of the therapists needs or interests. It includes the provision of pro-bono services and also providing their services to all populations with no regard to race, age and kinship unless otherwise stated in the law.

These values of physical therapy professionalism apply both to students in universities studying physical therapy and professionals in the field. When implemented at school by students, they ensure the production of competent professionals upon their graduation.

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