Fishing and Finding a Wife - Comparison Essay Sample

Published: 2017-11-21
Fishing and Finding a Wife - Comparison Essay Sample
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A wife and fish, though different in every aspect, their value to the ones after them is immeasurable. Fishing is an act or practice done worldwide for either commercial or recreational purposes that involve the catching of marine and freshwater animals and their preparation for either domestic consumption or for sale. On the other hand, finding a wife involves the hunt for the right companion to start a relationship with. Marriage is an important but difficult undertaking which requires the need for men to be prudent in their search for the best wife. Both the processes and the need of finding a wife and catching fish are similar but also different in various ways.

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First, they both involve searching for something. This comes with great struggle as it is not easy to find a wife and it is also difficult to catch fish. A wife does not come around easily; a man has to make a great effort to find the kind of woman he wants. Fishing also involves a lot of hard work since a Fisher can stay for long hours without catching any fish.

Secondly, they both involve skills. To find a wife, a man has to have good communication skills so as to make his intentions known to the ideal woman. In fishing, the fisherman has to be skilled and know where the fish are and in what angle he will have to be in so as to have a better chance of catching fish.

Thirdly, both fishing and finding a wife are processes. A man does not just wake up and find a wife nor does a fisherman just catch fish. A man has to go through many processes. Make his intentions known to a woman, dating for some time and then marry. Fishing is also a process. A fisherman has to find an ideal place where he stands a greater chance of catching a lot of fish; he has to have the equipment required to catch the fish. After the fisherman has caught the fish, he has to freeze them; then they are chilled and canned because of their high-level perishability.

Fourthly, both a fish and a woman are worth or have value. A fish has monetary value whereas a man appreciates a woman because she provides companionship, gives birth to children and also takes care of the family.

Lastly, fishing and finding a wife involve determination, focus, commitment, and patience. In fishing, the fisherman should be determined, focused and committed to his job to catch the fish he targets. However, if he does not catch the fish he does not lose patience. This is because fishing, as discussed earlier, is a process and processes are long and exhausting, and therefore they require patience. Moreover, in finding a wife, a man has to be determined, focused and committed in order to find the ideal woman. He should also have patience and wait for the right woman to come around.

Fishing and finding a wife are also different in the following ways. First, they both differ in that a man has to choose a woman with qualities he is looking for such as; good cooking skills, an independent woman and a woman who is ideal to raise a family whereas a fisherman does not have to look for qualities in a fish. A fish can either be small or big and yet the fisherman will still sell it even though the prices will differ.

Secondly, in some cultures, the search for a better wife is limited. For instance, in the case of the Indian culture, the families of both the man and the woman enter into an agreement in an attempt to bind their children. In this case, the parents are the sole decision makers leaving the man with limited options to decide whether the woman chosen fits his criteria or not. Fishing on the hand, is the same regardless of the region or the culture practiced in the area, for example, fishing practiced in America is similar to fishing practiced in the United Arab Emirates.

Thirdly, fishing can be a career and can be done as a means of earning a source of living. Fishing is done at no cost, but the fisherman sells the fish at a price, therefore, making enough profits whereas finding a wife is meant for a long-term relationship hence the need to practice utmost caution when looking for the right partner.

Fourthly, fishing involves tools like nets, spears, and hooks. For a fisherman to catch a lot of fish, he must use his tools well whereas in finding a wife, the way a man represents himself is what matters. He should have a good personality, good language, and behavior in order for a woman to see him suitable for marriage.

Lastly, the man has a greater advantage because, he will have long term happiness in that after he has found a wife, he will get companionship and also get a family. However, the joy of a fisherman is short lived because the fish will only serve a one-time purpose. The fisherman will sell the fish or maybe eat it and has to go through the same process day after day.

In general, fishing and finding a wife have more similarities than differences. Both processes are tedious and exhausting but fruitful in the end. They both involve in-depth searching in order to get what the fisherman and the man both want. In order to get something, one has to struggle. Plans and efforts may fail but as a fisherman never gives up on catching fish nor does a man give up on finding a wife.

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