Covid-19 and Education - Free Report Sample

Published: 2024-01-04
Covid-19 and Education - Free Report Sample
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The world is more interconnected, and so are the risks we face. The effects of Covid-19 have extended to the international community. Its implications are felt across the entire world regardless of gender, nationality, level of education, and income level (Burgess & Sievertsen, 2020). The writhing effects of this pandemic do not spare the education sector. The privileged employed other alternative learning methods to acquire knowledge while those from disadvantaged backgrounds remain shut out when schools shut down. This paper will highlight some of the challenges parents of international and administrative staff face concerning education during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Tertiary education has a high number of international students. These are students who go to a foreign country to acquire knowledge. Covid-19 severely affected the education system as the universities were closed, forcing students to vacate university premises, and states shut their borders during the lockdown in response to Covid-19 response (Burgess & Sievertsen, 2020). The crisis has affected the continuity of learning and the delivery of course material, the safety and legal status of international students in their host countries. Together with their parents, these students were hardly hit at the start of the lockdown as they had to bear with the effects of campus closure and within their host country. Parents of the students had to decide whether to return home with limited knowledge of when to return to campus or remain in their host country (Burgess & Sievertsen, 2020). It is crucial to note that these students' parents were the primary bearers of all the stress resulting from the uncertainty these students went through including sorting visas and restricted international travel.

The shutting of schools has immensely affected the numerous institutions' administrative staff, more specifically the private school teachers and teachers employed by the school's board. These two categories of teachers have to undergo a challenging period without pay since there is no work (Burgess & Sievertsen, 2020). Their families are struck by a period of economic uncertainties, including not being able to sort out some of their bills and the inability to acquire basic needs like food and clothing for their families. The administrative staff of private schools also face economic uncertainty since they cannot run their business well hence reaping losses.


In conclusion, the Covid-19 pandemic has gravely affected the education sector. The parents of international students and administrative staff of various institutions are challenged adversely by numerous uncertainties and dilemmas, ranging from psychological and economic hardship.


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