Teaching Essay Sample: Thematic Unit Lesson Plan

Published: 2019-09-24
Teaching Essay Sample: Thematic Unit Lesson Plan
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As teachers, mostly the first grade student teachers, they do a lot when it comes to language, writing, speaking, reading and even identification of different letters and sounds. These teachers play a major role in the students lives by helping them achieve certain goals and being able to speak and write fluently with no difficulty. After the teachers impute, she must assess the students so as to be aware if the student understood anything from the teaching. This is achieved through the usage of the following assessment tests:

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Reading comprehension

This is the most common type of assessment used in determining the fluency, accuracy, speed and confidence of the student. In this case, a student is given a comprehension passage to read it loudly for faster and much more convenient way of understanding the passage. After that, the teacher asks the student random questions from the passage so as to test the level of the students understanding and mastery of content. In this case, the student is given a passage which is worth their age and grade so as to avoid subjecting them into harder vocabulary and for easier understanding of the student. This kind of assessment helps the teacher to record the different types of reading behaviors and the errors made. This helps them in knowing where the problem is and work on it before it is too late for corrections.


Portfolios are used to document students achievements and even failures so as to monitor them at a close range without losing track. This kind of assessment gives you all the students details, both positive and negative. It also gives the student time to internalize on their strengths and weaknesses and try to find solutions on how to work on their weaknesses to make it right. However, while building a portfolio, it is very important to note that a portfolio is not a simple file of all completed work but rather a great way to show students development and their achievements in their endeavoure. While using a portfolio, it will help in the knowing more about the student and also analysizing on their academic status. While developing the portfolios, students are engaged in that process and are responsible for helping to select the assignments that are showcased. This process is very essential as it helps students to set future reading and writing strategies. To add on it, it builds self-esteem, academic independence and self-image.

In the assessment part, this process is fun, student friendly,exciting and easiest way of assessing students. Its benefits is that it minimizes stress and test anxiety since assignment and materials used have been choosen by the students themselves and their peers. Hence making work even more easier for both parties.

This kind of assessment can help in guiding you on how to instruct the student. This is possible by looking at the childs work a teacher can quickly see what lessons are further needed.

Types of portfolios.


It includes the students data in a folder. In this folder, the student is supposed to attach their works and assessment papers for proper analysis and review.

Display portfolio.

In this one, the student and the teacher chooses some papers that will act as their reference point of their progress and also show them to others for some motivation and even parents and show them your improvement strategies.

Teacher/student assessment portfolio

This is when the student, with the help of the parent, chooses some of the students assessment papers, tests, revision papers so as to attach them together. By presenting this this work, it will help the teacher to be able to analyses that work and know the weak point of the students and try and look for a place to have some rest.

The importance of using this style is because it will give out a review of the students performance and even try to show the students work. This helps the teacher in knowing on how to help you and what to emphasize on their works and researchsit will also give the student time to try grand anylse themselves and rank themselves according to their performance and hard work. It will also make work easier during revision.


Intelligence Math Science Reading Writing Social studies Score

Linguistic Try and read more on math formulas and memorize it for quick remembrance. Read more on scientific terms and how they relate to our day to day lives. This will help in the implementation of the scientific theories to the betterment of our lives. Read more of literature so as to improve on your knowledge and IQ. This will increase on your ability of inventing new things. Write on what you intend to invent and the strategies you intend to use. This will help you to either add or subtract on your strategies. Write more on social conditions that led to the invention of certain things such as the mountains, rivers, hills and also natural forests. This will help in having knowledge on how things came to co-exist. Logical- Mathematical Read more on math equation and learn of the original math equation that brought about the invention of the math formula. Red more on the supposition that will lead to the creation of a new theory and learn more on the advantages and disadvantages of the theory. Also try and come up with measures to take while applying the new theory. Research more on the philosophy and equations and procedures behind inventions. Also, read on the challenges faced during the invention process and hoe one can overcome them. After research and reading all sorts of genres, write an equation problem based on its popularity. Try analyzing it so as to know the background of its popularity. On your list of books read, create a list of re-known inventors and read more on them. Spatial Sketch geometries involved in some specific inventions. Draw a new invention showing how all the working parts are supposed to function. Apart from the theory, Try and concentrate also on diagrams of the inventions and how the inner workings look like for accurate feed backs. For the individual invention. Draw in finer details, and label the diagram for invention for easier recognition and understanding. Use different colors in the diagram showing the invention in socio historical context. Body kinesthetic Creation of an invention that will help in the measuring of the physical activities. Create your own invention that will co- relate with the invention of sound principles. Read clearly the instructions used in the creation of an existing invention. Write guidelines to follow during the construction of your own invention from waste materials and remains. Prepare a power point slide or even a skit in trying to explain how the invention came to be. Musical. Study the mathematical formulas and equations behind the invention of certain musical instruments. Study the relationship between science and music and how the left ear co- relates with the rhythm of the music. Read on the background of music and how it came to be. Try and look into the first inventor of music. Write the lyrics of your own song that will be your new invention. Listen to traditional music which talks more on how different invention were discovered and came to be. Interpersonal Create a math group that will help you look into different math inventions.This will help in the quick remembrance of the inventors name and the formulas invented. This will not only make you get familiarized with them, but also help you in the understanding of how the formulas came into existence , also give you some tips on how to come up with some of your own formulas. Create a group that will help understand the science behind invention. Read more on articles behind the understanding of inventions. Write a skit behind any invention in your classroom. Discuss with your fellow students how an invention came to be. Intrapersonal Create your own calendar based on the inventions. This will help in keeping track of your invention cycle. Create your own timetable to dig deep on the scientific basis of different inventions. Read from different sources and try and relate them for proper feedback and understanding of the different types of scientific inventions. Read more of historical background of famous inventors. This will help in the proper analysis of different inventors and their achievements and downfalls. Write your own autography as a famous inventor. Think of this: If you could invent a time reversal machine, which year and month and day would you like to revisit? Naturalist Create and investigate on inventions used to measure positions of natural phenomena. Egg the force of gravity. Study the scientific principle of how and why Nitrogen gas is used in bulbs and how it is effective to human health. Read more on scientific inventions such as human cloning or even test tube babies. Write your own point of view on how the scientific invention has affected our country at large. Create an invention that will contribute to economic development. UNIT PLAN.

The first grade students are slowly streaming in school in large numbers hence the need of teachers to adjust in their lesson plan so as to meet the students needs. To meet this, teachers need to have some strategies that they are supposed to follow so as to make their need of educating the large number of students. The first grade below is just an example of a lesson plan that can be used to make the curriculum a success.

Brittany Miry. Day one 1st grade

Theme- Science: Hygiene

Oral reading.




Hygiene: Students will recognize bad hygienic practices and mention the consequences of practicing poor hygienic practices.

Students will again determine healthy and acceptable hygienic practices and mention the importance of good hygienic practices.

On the poor hygienic practices, they will be required to mention diseases related to poor hygienic practices.

Content Objective (s):

Examine and identify poor hygienic practices.

Identify diseases related to poor hygienic practices.

Examine and identify good and healthy hygienic practices.

Examine and identify advantages of good hygienic practices. Language Objective(s):

Use of phrases and conjunctions while constructing the sentences so as to help in the learning of new terminologies and styles.

Key vocabulary:







Supplementary Materials:

Students science text book.

The internet.


Preparation Scaffolding.


Guided practice.

Adaptation of content.

Links to background.

Group option. Application.

Partners. Meaningful.

Integration process. Hands on





Lesson Sequence.

Brittany will identify poor hygienic practices from her classmates during break hours and home hours and note them down. At the same time, she will also identify good and neat hygiene practices from her fellow classmates and note them down. She will state the disadvantages of poor hygiene habits to the rest of the class and explain to them how such habits can affect them health wise. She will name few diseases such a cholera, typhoid and the rest that are brought about by poor hygiene process. She will also mention the types of poor hygiene practices so as to enable the students learn of them and try to working towards avoiding them.

On the good hygiene habits, she will mention to the students the types of good hygiene habits and the advantages of practicing good hygiene practices for a healthy life and healthy life style. She will come up with a song that reminds the students the importance of proper and good hygiene practices. This song will be stating the disadvantages of poor hygiene, the dis...

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