Essay Example on Karaoke and Comprehension Skills Among Teens cith Learning Disabilities

Published: 2023-01-13
Essay Example on Karaoke and Comprehension Skills Among Teens cith Learning Disabilities
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Karaoke is a skill which is crucial in the learning setting as well as in adulthood. Most students with disabilities usually find it a challenge reading comprehensions and their skills are often low, making the reading both daunting and cumbersome among them. The level of reading and exercising comprehension skill depends on how well a student can monitor his or her understandings while he or she tries to read and use many strategies of making summaries or re-reading deficits which may have occurred in their speech. Students with disabilities always grapple with making meaning to things they read because of inferior fluency, poor connection, and inadequate background knowledge. However, students with disabilities who actively participated in the karaoke-style subtitling intervention usually obtain higher grades in reading comprehension tests as compared to the latter. Most teachers of such students have adopted this technique to maximize the reading proficiency and skills among such students. This paper focuses on examining the significance of Karaoke in improving reading comprehension among students with disabilities.

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Multisensory presentation improves word memorization among people regardless of their physical outlook. Karaoke adopts the exploration of the use of the visual display to maximize memorization and learning. Most learners with different disabilities who cannot adequately comprehend words appropriately usually take the technique and uses it to develop their learning skills. Sound accompaniments in Karaoke make learning easier and simpler, and learners get used to certain words and their pronunciation, thus boosting their comprehension skills upon subjected to reading (Thoermer & Williams, 2012). Similarly, the adoption of same language subtitling by most teachers as one of the characteristics of Karaoke encourages reading as well as increases the learner's proficiency in comprehending a passage with ease. Teens with disabilities engage in SLS response activities for approximately twenty minutes a day before lessons start. Viewing music videos enables them to respond to questions from any comprehension and finish close-style worksheets with ease and within the recommended time.

The use of Karafun one of the karaoke free production program by most students to create subtitled videos along with PowerPoint and Microsoft enables students to hear the words as they are being sung or uttered while they read the subtitles. This incision of poetry, music, famous speeches and audio-books in SLS boosts the comprehension skills among students as well as make them capable of comprehending different words regardless of the disabilities (Shams & Seitz, 2008). Notably, as teens with disabilities p\spend more time production multi-media files with subtitles, they experience random learning and reading skills, thereby improves their abilities in handling words in a comprehension. Most students with disabilities find it easy to comprehend what they see more easily when it is accompanied by visual presentations with a fine tune. Karaoke ensures strict synchrony between visual and audial presentations to make the students comfortable while engaging the aspects of speech and comprehension skills development.


In conclusion, Karaoke acts as the best avenue, where learners with disabilities can improve reading and comprehension skills. The techniques use different approaches to revealing the intended words to learners. I most cases karaoke involves audiovisual presentations. Words under the presentation precede the speech by a certain amount of time to allow learners to absorb its meaning before having its spelling. As a result, most learners with disabilities find it easier to read a comprehension and boost their learning skills for future developments.


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