Integrative Learning: Connecting Experiences and Ideas for Skills Application - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-08-26
Integrative Learning: Connecting Experiences and Ideas for Skills Application - Essay Sample
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The process that involves the making of connections among experiences and ideas so that skills and information apply to fresh and complex concerns refers to integrative learning. It depicts a motion towards integrated instruction that enables learners in the creation of a link across curricula. The idea behind this approach is that learners take possession of their instruction, resulting in significant exploration that is capable of correcting associations among the various disciplines in realistic problems (Reid & Sanders, 2019). There are many examples of integrated instruction related to equations. For instance, a learner can solve a given algebraic equation with one unknown value when utilizing integrative instructions. A student can look at this equation and solve it appropriately by stating the problem and form an equation. The equation can then be solved step by step to finding and assessing the answer

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The main component of integrated learning entails creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and adaptability. The reason why learning becomes integrative is that it possesses the ability to bring together knowledge and reasoning modes, which result from two or more disciplines, thus creating a cognitive advancement (Reid & Sanders, 2019). It is done by solving problems, phenomenon explanation, and product creation in a manner that would have a low probability through unit disciplinary means.

Significance of studying practices in mathematics education and its implementation in the United States. Give and explain one concept.

Mathematics instruction is of considerable significance for intellectual enhancement. The reason for this is because it helps in the activation of the learner's brain. Mental work, therefore, is core in the solving of mathematical problems. The international best practice encourages learners to use their present understanding of the mathematical concepts to solve problems. The more learners work through the hard questions; they concentrate on problem-solving rather than just finding the right answer. Again, it helps a learner to think quantitatively and abstractly. Learners get to understand diverse ways of breaking apart of the problem in the process of finding a solution (Reid & Sanders, 2019). The study of these practices helps in the construction of reasonable arguments and critiques others' reasoning. The knowledge from this study also helps enables students to utilize their mathematics skills in solving real-life situations. The use of practical cases to portray how mathematics skills can be used in various life factors makes mathematics significant.

Moreover, mathematics involves exact and precise solutions. It enhances attention and exactness in detail, which is core to ensuring accuracy. The international study practices provide learners with appropriate tools to utilize in real life navigation.

According to Reid & Sanders (2019), mathematics exposure enables the development of an analytic mind and enhances the proper organization of concepts and expressions of thought. In the United States, mathematics concepts are core in its applications in technology and sciences. Technology activities can be utilized in combining healthy meal ingredients. Various concrete mixes can also be explored in engineering. Furthermore, many diverse mathematical models are utilized in solving industrial scheduling concerns and assessing the proposed solution in the United States. The performance measures are used in various kinds of scheduling issues.

In the United States, a community and two-year colleges are taking steps to bring consistency in the curricula. They are also taking steps to reflect on how teaching is happening in the classrooms while trying the results to paths and career applications to the mathematical setups beyond high school.


Reid, R. D., & Sanders, N. R. (2019). Operations management: an integrated approach. John Wiley & Sons.

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