Could a Public Service Sales Tax Create a High-Quality Service for Our Citizens? Free Essay

Published: 2023-03-19
Could a Public Service Sales Tax Create a High-Quality Service for Our Citizens? Free Essay
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The government plays an essential role in determining the quality of service offered to the citizens, therefore fore based on tax, the public service must provide high-quality service for the citizens to contribute to the country's economy. The performance of the public service is determined by the strategies put in place to govern tax levied on the services and products in the market. The country's prosperity relies on these strategies to regulate tax rates from different economic perspectives. The citizens also play an essential role as they are the ones to contribute and participate in the taxation process, considering the quality of service for the taxation is very important and will lead to positive results and understanding of the purpose and reasons for taxation (Ghosh et al. 2016). It is, therefore, necessary for the public service to provide high-quality service for the citizens to realistically contribute their taxes for growth and development within their community and the country ta large. There are many potentials for the public service to ensure that quality service for sales tax is offered for the citizens. Encouraging citizens, you pay taxes, and develop actual knowledge of the process is essential and becomes one of the roles that the public service must play to ensure that the quality of service has improved. This research, therefore, explores the need for the public services sales tax; it provides high-quality service for the citizens.

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A positive relationship between the public service sales tax and the citizens has determined the sales tax strategies and the quality of service for citizens to demonstrate a high level of willingness and understanding to pay tax, which is generally referred to as tax performance progress plays an important role. The primary motivation for providing quality service for the citizens helps the public service or reduce pressure from the citizens demanding for reduction or unrealistic inquiries about the tax rates. Based on how the government performed will always determine the willingness of the citizens to pay taxes (Leyden, 2016). The public service sales tax has always been involved in various strategies to improve tax rates and the quality of services; however, there is more to consider as the citizen's perceptions of tax rates have always been controversial.

The public service, therefore, can use the perception of the citizens as well as the state of the economy in the country; it determined tax rates and improved the quality of service. Citizen's safety should be prioritized; avoiding exploitation of the citizens through tax rates is essential as it encourages positive perceptive and the willingness of the citizens to pay taxes. All the strategies used to collect taxes must be transparent. The revenue collected should be used to offer public services for the general public, based on the currents tax rates the government is expected to ensure that public services also improve in terms of quality and the efficiency than benefiting a few.

Taxes contribute one of the primary sources of revenue for a country; therefore, the high the taxes, the better the quality of services offered for the citizens; the public service, therefore, must apply the theory to ensure that the quality of service has been improved. The money contributed through tax should be used t provide better services for the public, such as healthcare, infrastructure, and security services. Tax collection is a process that requires transparency and must be reflected from the nature of its usage. The public service must initialize better strategies to govern the distribution of revenue based on the needs of different departments and regions in society. Many public services in the country depend on the revenue generated through tax; therefore, these contributions would be a better way of getting the budgets to reach the required standards based on the tax rates (Leyden, 2016).

Various elections have been conducted to determine tax rates, and some of the resolutions made have not sufficed the situation as the citizens do not get the value of the tax that they pay to the government. The safety of the public has always been an issue while the citizens continue to contribute through taxes. Criminal acts in the country have increasingly received more attention, and the government is seen to be falling in to provide better services concerning the taxes that the citizens pay. Preventing crimes requires an increase in the number of police officers, the fore the government must consider improving the safety of the citizens by hiring more police officers and prosecutors, correction officers and initialize more drug control agencies (Mercier, 2012).

Most of the tax professionals in public service are useful in reporting on the sales tax that complies with the goods and the services. However, they are less concern with the services offered for the citizens in response to the amount of taxes. Public services must be subject to taxation; therefore, the law governing tax rates on sales must consider providing quality services for the citizens, as there are many potentials from the taxes levied on the citizens. The impact of sales tax revenue on different public services is determined by tax rates and the strategies put in place to control revenue distribution (Mercier, 2012). Public service should determine the extent to which the amount of taxes levied on the citizens should influence the quality of services. The indicators of the quality of services and the sales tax include better infrastructure, improved technology, hygiene, and sanitation services in the country. Most of the government's revenue is from consumption taxes that are the taxes levied on sales of consumer goods and services. These taxes exert a considerate effect on the growth ad development of the public sector through the implementation of various strategies by public service agencies. The government could, therefore, improve the services for the citizens and overcome some of the economic challenges by expanding the taxation base and include the services rendered to the citizens.

Public service has the opportunity to improve the quality of services since the taxes levied on most of the goods and services increase economic straits. It also determined the economic growth and development, with more entrepreneurial establishments, and continues to increase in the consumption rates. The government can effectively improve the quality of services rendered to the citizens (Mountain & Walker, 2018). Attempts to improve the quality of services have always been seen throughout several years, and this has shown the positive response from the public as some of the services such as security services and safety of the citizens have laws improved. This move indicates that the public service has more potentials to improve the quality of services as the level of economy increases, and the entrepreneurial services and innovations significantly improve. It is the responsibility of the public service to ensure this the revenue collected through sales tax is used to provide essential services for the citizens and, more importantly, to improve their quality.

Sales of goods and services dominate the market, and this corresponds to the amount of tax levied on the people and the organization in operation. It is the fore possible for the public service to improve services offered for the citizens as well as their sales tax systems. Initiating a practical and realistic increase in tax as it has been seen in the last few years, the state can provide more stable, fairer, more natural and economical means of tax collection which could reflect on the quality of services provide for the citizens (Mountain & Walker, 2018).

Furthermore, sales tax is the primary source of income for the government to fund most of the essential services such as education, and public safety, therefore adding better services to sales taxes across all markets in the country could result in increased revenue that would enable the state to maintain and improve their support for these services as well as other public service functions (Cromwell & Ihlanfeldt, 2015). Public service sales tax, another tax professional in the government, dramatically influences management and distribution of revenue for public service; they, therefore, play a vital role in improving the quality of service for the citizens by initiating sale tax strategies and criteria concerning the amount of taxes levied on products and services. The annual revenue collected from sales tax has a law is showed a consisted-not increase, which should correspond to an increase in the quality of services.


Public service sales tax could increase the quality of services for the citizens by ensuring that the process of taxation is transparent, and the revenue is effectively utilized. There are many potentials for the government to improve the quality of series as a result of an increase in the number of entrepreneurial sectors and the consumption rates, which has led to increasing in the amount of tax yield. Through an expansion of sales tax initiatives, the government has a more significant opportunity to ensure that the essential services offered to the citizens are maintained. The government needs to be transparent and ensure the revenue collected from sales tax is used to support the citizen-oriented services.


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