Essay Sample on Origin of Species by Charles Darwin

Published: 2023-03-15
Essay Sample on Origin of Species by Charles Darwin
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The book written by Charles Darwin, 'Origin of Species' in 1859, insinuates that evolution involving the change in the cause of time is not an exemption to characters such as behavioural traits which also go away in assisting the organisms that have been affected by the change to better adaptation to the environment helping it live. According to Charles Darwin, "nature selects the best beings that have optimum chances of survival and are seen to be still alive as those that had to evolve to their current state" (Bishop and Margaret, 12). Evolution by natural selection is, however, backed up by several scientific shreds of evidence like development biology and even genetics.

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According to the theory, however, all life on earth is in one way or another interconnected to each other, with its diversity being a product of modifications of the populations. Natural selection is survival for the fittest as an organism's ability to both survive and reproduce. This poses a lot of diverse understandings being, "On the Origin of Species" in 1859, which is the process by which organisms change over time as a result of changes in heritable physical or behavioural traits. Raising the question, are human beings animals after all?

Schopenhauer, however, insists that "each thing that a human of intellect does, is based on the principle of having the ability to having sound reasoning "(Young 34). Because human beings and even animals have exhibited similarities in the ability to cope, there could be a possibility of understanding in both human beings and animals is more or less the same. This fact shows that the will and body of animals are also interlinked as in humans. If another proof is required, it is clear that a small dog wouldn't jump off a building because, despite it being a dog, it has the capacity to reason and consider the effects of the weight of its body on the ground in case it fell. Animal consciousness is vaguely beset with difficulties in that due to them not being able to use human language; it would be challenging to deny that animals are conscious or even whether "aspects that are developed through both growth in the spiritual and also the social sense could distinguish human beings from being just mere creatures of biology" (Young 34), is of validity.

Schopenhauer proposed that since human beings were created differently from animals in the religious sense, the human race would be outstanding as humans are rational and unique. Though evolution is deeply supported by the diversities of life today, if there would be someone that could provide a better explanation giving an answer to the question of whether human beings are just creatures of biology or not, the individual would be the new Darwin.

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