Essay Sample on The Effects of False Negatives and False Positives

Published: 2023-02-10
Essay Sample on The Effects of False Negatives and False Positives
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An anti-malware software or antivirus can also give a false positive. For example, in 2014, McAfee Virus Scan detected svchost.exe, which is a Windows system program as a virus (Pownall & Victoria, 2019). That too was a false positive because the software is a basic component of the Windows XP Operating System. But the antivirus removed the file, which meant that all computers that used the operating system could not start. Users had to correct that before they restarted their computers, or once it was restarted, the problem could only be corrected by running the system recovery process.
Likewise, in an organization, the managers and employees may fail to identify the specific cause of positive or negative growth due to these errors. For example, research may attribute the growth to a change in productivity while it could have been caused by a change in product quality. The managers can thus put the employees in false alarm regarding production when they should be focusing on the quality of products.

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Moreover, the effects of false negatives and false positives can significantly influence the operability of a firm in its industry. For example, an organization will directly reduce its overall storage and inventory if it expects a negative outcome from the market (Pownall & Victoria, 2019). If the condition turns out to be a false negative and its effect is positive, the reduced inventory would definitely lead to a decline in the overall profit level of the organization. Moreover, a false negative and false positive can be created if an organization conducts market research and finds the market beneficial for its type of business only to prove later that the research outcome was wrong. That would definitely impact the result of the situation, leading to a negative effect on the availability of opportunities, which would hugely limit the capabilities of the organization.


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