Free Essay Example. Client Rights

Published: 2023-04-08
Free Essay Example. Client Rights
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Client rights are abstract ideas due to a person seeking service by law or by nature. In practice, these rights and responsibilities are guaranteed to health and counseling-seeking clients. They play a significant role, and therefore understanding the clients' rights is equally important. Through this discussion, we are going to understand the various client rights and their importance.

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The fundamental client rights are applicable in healthcare management corporations or bodies. The employees and service providers in the homecare bodies are mandated to observe and follow procedures that ensure clients receive services concerning client rights. By keeping the systems, the rights of the clients remain protected hence favorable administration of care. Client rights are essential because; they give a sense of worth to persons since they observe and respect the differences between people, they treasure individuality, and further, they sustain dignity (Mindry, 2018). The various principal client rights include;

The right to receive equal treatment. Clients in homecare have the right to be treated in equal measure regardless of gender, age, sex, marital status, nationality, or race. In consideration of the right to be treated equally, clients have a right to receive access to aids in effective communication further. These include translation materials that assist in cases of the language barrier (Mindry, 2018). Additionally, all clients in-home care should be provided with treatment services under environments that are free of physical abuse, neglect, and any other form of humiliation. By observing these procedures, healthcare providers attain the observance of equal treatment as required in client rights.

Secondly, clients have a right to privacy and confidentiality. Under privacy rights, healthcare and counseling bodies need to observe the confidentiality of their clients' identity, diagnosis, and treatment. Clients further have a right to receive therapy concerning their privacy and have a clear understanding of how their private health information is disseminated and disclosed for purposes of receiving treatment and other healthcare operations (Mindry, 2018). Other rights include the right to receive treatment with dignity, the right to receive service by a competent and qualified staff, and also the right to collect information about medications.

Case Study

In our case study, the client is a mother who is under healthcare services with her daughter.

"My daughter, I have been suffering from cancer for a while now. The pain is becoming unbearable. Attempts to kill these cancer cells, which are fast-growing in my body through chemotherapy, have not been the best for me. Listen to me please because I know the feeling in my body and do not advise the doctor against my wish again. Chemotherapy has not been working suitably for me because, on all the occasions that I have received treatment through chemo, I have ended up experiencing fatigue and energy loss. Would you like me to lose my energy once again? I bet not. I had no idea that chemotherapy would come along with fatigue. I fear that I would never regain my strength back again.

Each time I am under chemotherapy, I feel nauseous daughter. I have begun frequently vomiting due to chemotherapy treatment. I am now forced to take anti-nausea drugs, something that I don't enjoy at all. I don't think I am ready to take this anymore. Look at my hair, daughter. It is weakened; I am receiving color change in my hair. I am getting hair loss more frequently than I used to before I started undergoing chemotherapy. It is not the best way to treat me. It is becoming burdensome for me; it is becoming painful for me. Daughter, I am sorry I cannot take it anymore."

"I reject the treatment because I receive several side effects after the treatment. Among the side effects include fatigue and loss of appetite. Chemotherapy has denied me a chance to enjoy my daily diet; I cannot undertake my daily activities, too, because I have no energy. I have always been vomiting from time to time. Soon I will be hydrated because my body loses so much water when I vomit more frequently. Further, chemotherapy is becoming way too expensive for us. This is because we buy anti-nausea drugs, which are costly. I choose a different method of treatment that will work best for me."Observing the client's rights, both the daughter and the caregiver in this scenario should obey the mother's wishes because they are required to offer treatment with dignity. This is a right that should be exercised without breaching the client's dignity. Information regarding the medications and therapy received is also a right for the client. The client has the right to refuse any treatment which is against their wish and receive a different treatment program as the client's rights permit it. It is vital to observe the rights as they offer a chance to sustain the dignity of the individual.

To sum up, healthcare centers are obligated to observe client rights because, through this, they see codes of ethics required hence making them professional caregivers. The observance of these rights also reduces the complaints filed by clients on violation of their rights and, thus, ideally protecting the healthcare centers professionally and also portrays them as potential service providers. Additionally, observance of client rights aids in healing and encourages the clients to develop a positive attitude towards likely caregivers. It equally provides clients with a sense of worth as they feel involved in the decision-making of their treatment.


Mindry, D., Maharaj, P., Letsoalo, T., Munthree, C., &Crankshaw, T. (2018). Knowing client rights and meeting their needs: Provider knowledge and attitudes toward meeting the reproductive needs and rights of people living with HIV in South Africa. In Global Perspectives on Women's Sexual and Reproductive Health Across the Lifecourse (pp. 141-158). Springer, Cham.

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