Analysis of Cultural Differences in Business Relationship, Essay Sample

Published: 2019-06-13
Analysis of Cultural Differences in Business Relationship, Essay Sample
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Cultural differences is an issue that requires holistic analysis in the society and businesses requires that there should be understanding of the impacts of cultural differences to aid in the fulfillment of the goals and objectives of the organizations. This requires an understanding of the positive impacts of the cultural differences and how cultural differences affect businesses in the modern world. In this manner, there is the need for the society to be aware and learn about the cultures of one another before engaging in business contracts to avoid the challenges that often result from such (Moran, 2014, p119). Challenges often become evident between people of different cultures when they engage in businesses, and this has resulted to the fall of several business partnerships in the society. About cultural differences, there is the need to evaluate the impacts of various issues such as customs, language barrier, politics, technology and how such factors affect target audience.

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The various authors that talk about Guanxi' meaning relationship' show how the business between the Chinese and Hong Kong affects living conditions of the people in related places. It is therefore of great concern that the society needs to be involved in understanding one another's culture to improve the living condition of each other. Understanding what culture is and its objectives should be the first step towards improving bonding of people from different cultures and encouraging the society to share the common goals from different cultures (Gesteland, 2012, p232). The importance of cultural differences in the society helps in a great ways in the improvement of living conditions of people in the society. It is of concern that the diversity and the technological development be conformed towards the development of cultures of different people.

It is interesting that people should first appreciate their culture before proceeding to understand and appreciate the cultures of other communities. Appreciating ones culture helps in creating self-satisfaction and improves the ego that different people have in the society. Confidence also improves in the as people learn to appreciate oneself and their cultures in the society. Understanding one's culture, therefore, helps to identify the utilizing the advantages that people can gain from their cultures (Feeny, 2012, p50). Additionally, there is the need for the society to engage in cultural orientation so as to identify the benefits of other cultures in the social life and learn how to appreciate and utilize the advantages from different cultures. In the process of utilizing cultural orientation, there is the need for the society to understand cross-cultural management and how to sensitize the society on the benefits of amalgamation of different cultures in the society.

Although the authors give the different meaning to culture in the modern society, they all posit that culture backgrounds are divided into different geological areas, and it is the areas that help in the identification of the different cultural backgrounds in the society. Moreover, researchers also posit that cultures help in the development of the society and that there is need amalgamation of cultures help in the development of the society. The varying fortifications that characterize various cultures help in the creating the uniqueness of different cultures and this helps greatly in the identification impact of such fortification in the developments of the society (Harzing, 2011, p279). Although the hypotheses in the explanation of cultures differ between individuals, there is the need to appreciate the impacts that the hypotheses in the explanation of cultural differences and the benefits that they bring towards the understanding of culture.

The issue of cultural differences is another issue that comes into play and which has great impacts to the society. The increased interaction between people from different cultures and the globalization requires that the society understands the broad issue of cultural differences and the impacts that it has in the society. Understanding of the cultural differences has helped people from different cultures that live in one general public to dismiss inclinations, false impressions, and judgments associated with the cultural diversity (Forsgren, 2014, p145). Knowledge of cultural differences has therefore helped in improving the understanding of culture and the benefits that it has on the society. It is factual that despite the differences that arise due to the cultural differences, people from different cultures have to interact and engage in the development of the society. This creates the need for the society to cooperate and engage in cross-cultural management to tackle the issues causing division in the society.

There is need for the society to identify the changes that cultures go through. This also requires an understanding of the morality and ideologies that are developed due to the changes in the cultures. In this manner, the society should use the factors that influence cultures such as language, religion, and national identity to reduce discrimination along cultural identification (Rosenbusch, 2011, p442). The society needs to understand that despite the cultural differences in the society, personal conviction is what guides the judgmental abilities of every person in the society and imparts special qualities in every person. In this manner, imparted qualities outweigh the cultural differences, and there is the need for the society to apply ideas that help in creating cohesion in the society.

Concept of Guanxi

The comparison of the Chinese and the Hong Kong customers and employees help in the understanding of Guanxi, otherwise relationship and the impact the Guanxi in the modern society. First, it is worth appreciating the impact the Guanxi has caused to both the Chinese and Hong Kong customers and employees and the growing business relationships in the region. Guanxi' has helped in creating the business environment that proves to be favorable in both perspectives. It has also helped in creating success between different individuals (Killing, 2012, p94). The growth of businesses in the region is evident, and the strong business relations and networks make it a strong tool in the promotion of business activities in the area. It should be clear that Guanxi does not only apply in China, It only happens that China strongly endorses Guanxi and the results are evident.

The impact that Guanxi has led in making the strong ties that help in the promotion of business partnership and the business and economic developments should be appreciated by every country in the world. The impact of Guanxi plays well in the current tough economic times and the impacts that it has in the development of the living standards of the society should never be underestimated. In this light, Guanxi helps in improving confidence between business partners and helps in creating lasting business relationships in the society. Moreover, Guanxi creates pleasantness in business relations and this helps the flow of money in the economy (Pinillos, 2011, p23). It is, however, worth to note the relationship between cultural rules and the Guanxi so as to acquire maximum benefits from the business relations in the society. It is of an essence to appreciate the impact that Guanxi has in promoting trust between individuals that do not have strong business rules.

Guanxi helps in protecting businesses and business partnerships on the occasions when business partnerships are not legally protected, but there is need to build trust for the development of business ventures. Also, the need to create business networks also aids in the application of the concepts of Guanxi which helps the society to create reputation within peoples different spheres. The success of the application of Guanxi is that it conforms well with the Chinese cultures as the Chinese law stipulates that it is a moral wrong to betray an individual with which one engages Guanxi (Hair Jr, 2015, p353). Furthermore, various countries should learn from China and learn to put Guanxi above the laws of the land since laws of various countries also put the interest of the people sovereign to the laws of the land. By appreciating the impact of Guanxi in the modern society, there is bound to be various advantages and growth in business in the society.

The tough economic times and economic recession that various countries face require that societies engage in business activities and which require that companies and individuals build trust with one another. Engaging in business partnerships among companies helps business organizations to feel more comfortable conducting businesses and this facilitates longevity of businesses in the society. This is Guanxi as it is in China, can help businesses in various countries to trust corporates easily and improve on cohesion with one another (Moran, 2014, p123). It is clear that it is not only the Chinese companies that can engage in business relations with one another, any other company in the world can engage the Chinese companies in Guanxi to improve the business relations. This is a strategy that if countries adopt would help in the mass creation of wealth and help in the alleviation of the high levels of poverty and solve the problem of unemployment and underemployment.

Some of the pillars of Guanxi as evident in the Chinese business relations, collectivism, and group arrangements need holistic analysis, and the society needs to identify factors that affect collectivism and group arrangement in the society. The concept of collectivism as Guanxi the Chinese explains that there is the need for the society to engage in collectivist and develop resources as a pool so as to make it easier for the creation of resources. It is usually a challenge to create a pool of resources that helps in the creation of business activities and opportunities (Gesteland, 2012, p233). In this case, Guanxi offers and avenues that the society can easily create a pool of resources that the society can use to start and operate the various business activities. In the creation of a pool of resources, Guanxi creates an avenue for the Chinese people to replace a lifetime of favors, business benefits, and possessions.

Creating an avenue through which the people of China can collaborate in the creation of employment opportunities greatly helps in the development of avenues through which the society can engage in the business activities. The fact that Guanxi helps China in providing protection, position of an individual and loyalty proves and the success that encompasses the business organizations in China (Feeny, 2012, p52). Through such an example, for the countries in the modern society to attain the level of economic development that China currently enjoys requires that countries need to adopt Guanxi in carrying out business relations in the modern society. In addition to the Guanxi that is most developed in the eastern countries, the western countries have also developed a social network theory (SNT) that seeks to promote business relations in the society.

It is of great benefits that researchers have identified three ways that the SNT and the Guanxi overlap. The three ways in which they overlap are such as in the way that the two methods engage in the implementation of information that helps in maintaining the social system. The second way is the way both methods offer the concept of the change couple that lies within sustainability ethics (Harzing, 2011, p281). Finally, the concepts help in characterizing randomness and order to favor certainty and trust. The identification of the o...

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