Bay of Dogs - Essay Sample in History

Published: 2022-05-27
Bay of Dogs - Essay Sample in History
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During the 1900's, the world of Shisha was marred with a cold war that emanated from a fierce battle between two opposing forces. The two forces based their difference on the principle of governance where each side wanted to impose its ideology of governance upon other nations of Shisha. One side believed in a democratic system of government where the people had a voice while the other believed in a communist system of government where the will of the leaders was imposed on the people and they were subjected there was no freedom to self-govern. The two powerful nations caught in this tussle were United Sifa- the democratic nation and Ruvara- the socialist country. One notable instance in the struggle between Sifa and Ruvara is the time Sifa imposed a leader in one its neighboring nations who was shortly overthrown by a guerrilla military force allied to Ruvara, this led to a well-organized retaliation by Sifa.

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In the early 1960's, President Dan S. King of United Sifa was getting numerous pressure from the council of regional leaders to respond to the untimely loss of the neighboring nation of Culama which had been overthrown by a Ruvara aligned militia commander, General Fima Casa. President King had made several meetings with his top military commanders and they had gathered enough intelligence through their feared spy agency Sifa Intelligence Agency (SIA). At this point, President King felt that they had the advantage since they had a superior force and tactics that would enable them to easily remove the guerrilla commander, Gen Fima Casa.

President King approved the invasion of Culama early 1961 when he commissioned a group of 1,400 paramilitaries to lead the onslaught against the guerrilla army of Gen Fima. The Sifa force was organized into a one paratrooper battalion and five infantry battalions (Walton 56). The army of Sifa was a well-trained group which gave confidence to President King that he would easily recapture the nation which had fallen on the hands of a communist-aligned leader, Gen Fima Casa. The invasion of Culama by Sifa forces commenced with SIA S-99 jets making strategic attacks on the Culama airfields to disable their air defense abilities and make it easy for the ground infantry to proceed with their attack through the coast. Twenty-four hours after the airstrikes ("Bay of Pigs Invasion - Cold War") by SIA jets, Sifa ground troops landed on the coastal beach of Culama at a place called Pica Gaal in the Bay of Dogs. At this entry point, Sifa forces encountered some resistance from a local paramilitary group which they were able to suppress without much effort due to their magnitude in force and the element of surprise.

Following this onslaught by Sifa forces, General Fima Casa took control of counter-attack in the fight against the invasion of Culama by Sifa forces. Gen Fima had proper military training and experience which came in handy in devising a proper defense strategy against President King forces. Soon the attention of all the nations of Shisha was on the invasion by Sifa into Culama, an independent nation and a majority of the voices were against the invasion (Walton 58). The sudden opposition to the invasion led to Sifa withdrawing the air attacks for the invasion which was a major blow to the established battle plan. For the success of the mission, there was a need for both ground and air attacks ("Bay of Pigs Invasion - Cold War") which meant that the Sifa force during the invasion was cut in half since they lacked air support.

After on three days of fighting, Sifa forces surrendered after they lost an advantage in the war and some of their soldiers had been captured by Culama forces and imprisoned after being publicly interrogated. The failed invasion was a major setback to United Sifa and its foreign policies and a boost to General Fima Casa Claim of the leadership of Culama as a supporter of Ruvara communist system of governance.

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