Public Health Essay Sample: Factors that Influence Health

Published: 2022-03-01
Public Health Essay Sample: Factors that Influence Health
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The Social Gradient

Poor social and economic situations tremendously influences the health through life. Individuals at the lower side of the ladder stand higher risks of becoming ill and experience premature death more than those at the top. The social gradient runs across the society and effect people differently depending on the position one occupies on the social ladder.

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The Stress

Various social and psychological factors influence stress. These may include factors that are not limited to insecurity, anxiety, social isolation and lack of control. The psychosocial factors affect the physical health because of the body changes that are associated with the emergencies, triggering fight and flight responses. Early Life

Studies have shown that major adult health problems are linked to childhood and pre-birth conditions. Factors slow growth and poor emotional support contribute to poor physical health and reduction of the physical cognitive and emotional functioning. Appropriate policies for improving health in early life should be implemented and aimed at increasing the general education level, nutrition, preventive care facilities, and economic resources.

The Social Exclusion

Deprivation and social exclusion has a huge effect on health. It also causes early death among the most disadvantaged. The policy aimed at reducing social exclusion should be tailored towards preventing unemployment, job insecurity as well as the hardships that people encounter. High level of standards, good training, and credit unions may tremendously benefits people through offering protective effects.


Having a better job is better for health than being jobless. In the same way, the work's social organization, work relationship and management styles influences people's health. Appropriate mechanisms of decision-making at work are effective improving health in workplaces.


Job security increases health while higher rates of unemployment cause more illnesses and premature death. Health implication begin when people feel threats in relations to their jobs before they even become unemployed.

Social support

Social support and good social relationships contributes to good health. They help provide people both the emotional and psychosocial support. People who get little social support and cohesion are susceptible less wellbeing and poor health.


People who use drugs experience social breakdown and worsening factors that result to poor health. The drug use leads to social deprivation, which are manifested through poor housing economy status and increased debt. It also increases major drain in people's income.


Good diet is central to good health. Poor diet on the other one is a major cause of ill-health problems due to malnutrition or the absence of important elements on the food. The social economic conditions lead to inequality and hence poor health.


Different modes of transport promote god health while others do not. Cycling, walking and the use of public transport enhances good health through reducing fatal accidents, promoting exercise, reducing pollution and promoting social contacts.

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