Comprehensive Analysis of Gun Violence: Insights, Economic Predictors, and Preventive Recommendations

Published: 2024-01-14
Comprehensive Analysis of Gun Violence: Insights, Economic Predictors, and Preventive Recommendations
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Purpose of Executive Summary

Gun violence stands as one of the major problems facing the US security sector. Thus, the purpose of the following executive summary is to braked down the study on “An Exploration of Gun Violence and Prevention toward the Development of an Inclusive Database.” Into a simplified summary regarding the idea of the research and the criteria used in conducting the study.

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Background to the Issue

The study on “An Exploration of Gun Violence and Prevention toward the Development of an Inclusive Database” (DiPoala, Duda & Klofas, 2013) was conducted to understand better the situations surrounding gun violence in America. Due to the frequent gun violence in the US linked to the existing Gun culture (Lemieux, 2014)., the study aimed to collaborate with the Rochester Police Department to identify, track, collect data, and analyze gun shooting occurrences. Through such techniques, the study would identify the main causes and the likely individuals to shoot, thus helping in coming up with a method for preventing further gun violence.

Result and the Model Used

The study adopted a secondary method of data collection, whereby the collected data for analysis regarding gun violence offenses were established to incorporate both fatal and nonfatal. The main secondary materials where data was obtained involved the publications Uniform Crime Reports published by the FBI and those of the Department of Health and Human Service. Moreover, data on nonfatal occurrences were retrieved from the National Crime Victimization Survey. From the data analysis, the study found that; From the FBI report, Uniform Crime, the use of guns accounted for 68% of murder crimes. Also, the analysis of national statistics involving gun violence and the trend of fatal crimes involving shooting followed a slight descending slope from 2006 to 2010. However, the incidences involving nonfatal crime involving shooting exhibited an increase with time.

Further, the established result shows that fatal crimes involving shooting in Rochester seem to change with time. While, the nonfatal shooting incidences exhibit to descend with time since 2006. The result also established that the participant was shooting as of certain demographics such as race and ethnicity, gender, and age. The majority of the age bracket in each demographic group was established to be the youths. The main cause of the shooting was associated with arguments and the process of commissioning another offense. Also, the result indicated that most of the firearms used were illegally obtained from illegal markets, theft, and from friends and family.

Appropriate Economic Predictors

Based on the study findings regarding the cause and the participant in the shooting, an economic predictor of unemployment could be appropriate in explaining the findings obtained from the study. The rate of unemployment in a country determines the rate of crime (Pappa, et al. 2019). As per the study findings, most of the people involved in gun violence are the youth on matters such as commissioning of another crime. This indicates the rate of unemployment could be the cause of increasing gun violence.

Implementable Recommendations

Thus to curve the rate of gun violence, it would be recommendable for the government to create more employment among the youth. Additionally, it would be recommendable for the government to impose regulations on gun purchasing to minimize the number of individuals who could meet the requirements. Moreover, it could be recommendable for the government to impose strict measures regarding illegal markets and fully crack the unlawful gun markets Braga et al 2008). This would discourage illegal firearm traders.


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