Paper Example on Complexity Science: Systems Theory

Published: 2023-09-07
Paper Example on Complexity Science: Systems Theory
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The clip System Theory Overview describes how the elements of a system are visible and noticeable. Its purpose is not spoken, expressed, or written but done through the actions of the operating system. The best way to see if the systems are working is through observations and not from the behavior point but from strategic goals. HR is one office that runs an individual policy in any firm because they are considered central pillars.

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The reason behind this statement is that HR is responsible for activities that fall under the five core functions: compensation, labor and employee relations, staffing, and development. All events are connected to the employee's well-being and concern as well as making sure that the company provides a mutual benefit between the company and the workers. It is these core functions that make HR have its system.

In most circumstances, HR is criticized for producing entropy, and this creates friction in the company. One example is cultural differences. It is well known that cultural differences create a gap when it comes to recruitment. Since the global talent competition continues to rise, companies consisting of cultures with inclusion will attract and retain the best talent. Also, each member will develop a sense of belonging and ownership to unleash high performance.

Complex Adaptive Systems

From Paul’s E. Plesk book 'Emerging Principles of Complex Adaptive Systems,' one principle that I have experienced to work well in companies is the lens of complexity. Projects these days have become more complex, and the concern of project complexity has also increased. The understanding of project complexity depends on how it is managed to embrace the difference brought by goal attainment and decision-making related to complexity.

As known, complexity influences project control and planning. However, when poorly managed, it can hinder clear identification of objectives and goals as well as the selection of project organization form. From experience, it is essential to identify the concepts connected to project complexity, the main characteristics and factors, the types of project complexity, and models to support any project.

Peter Block’s ‘Flawless Consulting

Peter Block’s chapters one to three elaborates more on the competency of a consultant. Even though many consultants run various businesses by using their general or technical expertise, a few changes also need to be made. One area that can be worked on is the cognitive area of discussion between the client and the consultant. As known, a consultant is an individual that has influence over a person, an organization, or a group but lacks the power to implement programs or make changes.

With this aspect, the consult must adopt a beguiling and unique perspective of advising people not in self-desire but through the application of their expertise. The reactions of the consultant to the clients, their feelings while talking to the client, and the ability to give solicit feedback in this dimension is needed to develop trust. One thing I am good at is advising people on what to do when it comes to business.

My success will only be seen when I serve as an external consultant. My work will be developing an evaluation design to clients that will have an outline which will ensure that the businesses become successful. At this position, an external consultant gains a vast experience through various sectors, markets, and clients to develop best practices and new ideas to the client.


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