Paper Example: What I Noticed

Published: 2023-09-27
Paper Example: What I Noticed
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I noticed that the ASCA ethical standards for School Counselors have the role of serving as a unit guide for all the various ethical practices for the school counselors, directors/supervisors of the different programs on counseling in school as well as the educators, regardless of the area, level, membership, or population served under this particular professional association. I also noted that the ASCA school counselor professional standards, as well as competencies, have the capacity to outline the mindset as well as the respective behavior that school counselors must always meet for the rigorous demands that are entailed in the profession of counseling, as well as the various needs of the pre-K-12 learners. However, I noted that effective school counseling programs are usually a collaborative effort that occurs between the school counselor, community stakeholders, families, as well as other educators, in the creation of an environment that has a positive impact on the achievement of the student.

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Questions I Have About Implementing the Standards

The first question I have about the implementation of the standards is whether the standards are valid and universal across all states and if they at all get implemented in the right way, although. The second question I have on the implementation of the standards is if the creators of these codes of conduct are approved counselors or individuals who have worked in a school counseling program. Is the unit of the body responsible for standardization creation also accountable for the Implementation body? What ethical body is responsible for ensuring that once the standards have been implemented, they can be maintained? How does the implementation of the ASCA standard affect the schools? Are there some schools that do not apply it for their counseling programs, and what are the consequences of doing so?

Interesting Things I found

The first exciting thing I found aboutASCA ethical standards for School Counselors is that the mindset standards entail the beliefs that the school counselors have concerning the achievements and success of the student. I realized that even though it could be possible to measure these kinds of beliefs, the mindset is usually readily recognizable, mostly through the respective behaviors of the school counselors after this kind of school program has been implemented. It is this kind of mindset that is put in this particular program that I found fascinating.

Confusing Things I Found and How It May Affect Me as a Counselor

One confusing thing I found concerning ASCA ethical standards for School Counselors is whether the policies that have been outlined are standard or can be customized based on the school or the experiences of the counselors, and the connection that they have with their students. This is because some counselors tend to create a personal relationship with their students, such that they do have to continually follow the guidelines that have been provided by the ASCA ethical standards for School Counselors. Customizing and making personal improvements to the guide would have been a great thing to do if it was accepted, but this aspect is what confuses me about the program. This confusion is bound to affect me as a counselor because it may not be acceptable to do so, and therefore breaking the rules of ASCA ethical standards for School Counselors. However, if the matter is clarified, then any errors may be avoided.

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