Comparison Essay Sample: Helen Keller and Juliet

Published: 2019-09-02 17:22:58
Comparison Essay Sample: Helen Keller and Juliet
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Helen Keller and Juliet can be women under different settings but can be used to portray various challenges that women undergo in society. Born in 1880, she led a normal life until she was 19 months old, where she became deaf and blind after suffering from inexplicable fever. She, later on, passes through life challenges that can be used to highlight the plight of the disabled people while trying to lead a normal life. Juliet on another hand is a character in the comedic play, Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) by Ann-Marie MacDonald, written in 1988. She is a young woman who struggles with love emotions which leave her emotionally wrecked. Myriad comparisons can be drawn from both the lives of Helen Keller and Juliet.

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In both Juliet and Helen, there are some people who had to vary (negative and positive) in their lives. When Helen become problematic to her parents due to her disability, she was taken to Tuscumbia School for the deaf and blind. While in this school, she met Anne Mansfield Sullivan who had bestowed the responsibility of teaching her obedience and love. Anne will embark on disciplining her but did it carefully in order to avoid crushing the spirit of her (Helen) young charge (American Foundation for the Blind 2). Anne decided to go and live with Helen so that she can have enough time teaching her. Thorugh Annes teachings and mentorship, Helen was able to correct her temper tantrums as well as be able to learn, academically. Anne also helped Helen to understand how to read, right and talk.

While Helen had people who huge positive impact on her life, Juliets life is impacted negatively. Romeo has a negative impact on the love life of Juliet. Despite being married, Romeo falls in love with Constance, something that hurts Juliet most (Act 3, scene 2). As a result, Romeo and Juliet are having countless fights because of the diminishing interest to each other. After fighting with Romeo over the turtle, they end up parting in a hurting way which leaves Juliet hospitalized. She laments that the boredom is killing her because of the Romeo. She becomes emotionally wrecked because of her failed marriage with Romeo.

There are also some comparisons depicted in the lives of Helen and Juliet when it comes to how the society treats them. The society treats Helen with adoration and respect. She was a global figure due to her renowned works in politics, cultural and intellectual interests. For instance, she was granted honorary doctoral degrees from various universities such as Temple and Harvard Universities in the United States and many others, which depicted her global adoration (American Foundation for the Blind 2). Juliet on another hand is not respected or adored by many. Despite being married to Juliet, Romeo falls in love with Constance. This is the act of unfaithfulness and lack of respect to their marriage. Through his endless fights with her, Romeo makes Juliet be hospitalized. Juliets advances on Constance is also embarrassing since Constance rejects her by claiming she is not a lesbian.

There is also an element of comparison between the personalities of Helen and Juliet. Before finding help for her disability, Helen was a child with temper tantrums. She was disobedient and rude to her parents. However, she changes drastically once she starts learning from Anne Mansfield. Her love for humanity through her activism indicates her loving and caring personality. Juliet also has a loving personality. Her love for Romeo is highlighted through her frustrations in the failed marriage. She also develops love feelings towards Constance. However, Constance rejects her by claiming she is not a lesbian. Juliet also has the destructive personality. At some instance, she is hospitalized because of her fights with Romeo over their failed marriage. She also stabs herself due to the rejection she has faced from Romeo and Constance (Act 3, Scene 9). When Constance stops her, she asks her not to leave but remain so that they can die together. This is a suicidal act which is a feature of destructive personality.

Helen Keller and Juliet might have been used in different contexts but depict the strengths, challenges, and plight that women undergo in various societies. The challenges they undergo are inspirational and applicable peoples lives n their daily endeavors.


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