Free Essay. Comparing Media Biases in Terms of Liberal-Progressive or Conservative Values

Published: 2023-04-08
Free Essay. Comparing Media Biases in Terms of Liberal-Progressive or Conservative Values
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Most mainstream News media has a progressive liberal bias as these values make them more receptive to a larger audience. This bias has seen it reduce the quality of journalism as it affects its reader's perspective on progressive-liberal values. This bias on both conservative and progressive-liberal values has resulted in a society that distrusts any conservative agendas. The liberal media bias gives the Democratic Party an edge over the Republicans whose views are largely seen as conservative (Mackay 20). It has resulted in the mainstream media in the U.S. is overwhelmingly left making it hard for the Republican Party to show the merit of some of their conservative ideas. The liberal bias limits the perspective when it comes to availing the conservative message to the whole population.

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Most journalists lean to the left, attaining a liberal bias that affects their position when covering conservative agendas. These reporters' personal leaning affects their political coverage as their frequently hostile towards Trump's administration. Conservatives have been redefined into an alien species by the media, as many newsrooms do not shed a positive right on most of their agendas. The mainstream media is seen to take a hostile perspective conserving the analysis of the Trump administration. This has made the American population distrustful of any conservative agenda. This has had ramifications in the political spectrum as these citizens do not try to analyze the merits of the Republican agenda. Mainstream media bias has had a harmful effect on conservatives that may try to have a positive impact in their communities (Mackay 22). The news media is seen to be on a witch hunt when it scrutinizes the policies of progressive-liberal and conservative values. It has affected the conservative voters who do not get to analyze the policy suggested by these politicians.

This media bias has resulted in the distrust of these sources of information as people question their agendas. The U.S. media is biased toward conservatives as their agendas do not represent the worldview. It limits the aspect of having neutral journalism as each news media outlet supports a particular party. These points of view this journalist's interpretation of the facts. Donald Trump's attack on the media has resulted in people believing the worst about him and his administration. The press has become heavily critical concerning any conservative agendas; there is a need for these media houses to fact-check before going on the attack against conservative agendas. Most media houses have prejudice regarding the political message they support. The liberal bias limits the conservative from appealing to a larger audience among the readership that is outside their basic spectrum.

Most of the U.S. media can be defined as partisan networks. Hence, they advocate for messages that are in line with the Democratic agenda. CNN and MSNBC would never admit that their networks are inclined to take a particular view on the current agendas. This liberal and conservative bias would be significantly reduced if the U.S. news station took a clear stance like Great Britain. In Great Britain, the public is very clear of what news outlet supports which party. They ensure that these papers advocate to an audience that adheres to their political views (Mackay 46). An example is the Guardian that does not hide from the fact that it's explicitly left and its readers know this fact. Hence, there is a need for a Newspaper like the New York Times to make its stand and ensure it advocates to a more left audience. The aspect of having a diverse viewpoint is false as it never gives chance for a more conservative debate on its pages. The fact that the New York time does not have a columnist for the far-right recognizes the agenda of this newspaper.

The aspect of free and independent media is a far cry from what we currently have in America. Most journalists identify lean to the left and this affects the way they portray conservative agendas. These journalists have allowed their views to shape their content. It has resulted in the negative coverage of conservative agendas. The left agenda has resulted in the mainstream media being more critical of unemployment and inflation (Mackay 60). The Trump admonition has been criticized for every strategy they try to make despite the fact that the economic change is expected to change on a long-term basis. There is a need for the mainstream media to give the conservatives room to implement their changes to the economy.

The Republican administration is treated with more negative coverage in response to short-term increases in the unemployment or inflation rate. The fact that mainstream news media in on the decline recognizes the response to this negative coverage that does not represent all the facts. Liberal bias is real as mainstream journalists lean to the left. Education reform suffers from this bias as the media is often hostile towards chatter schools. Fox news goes big concerning conservative bias. They are hard right, and they often present their readers with misleading information that sheds a positive light on their conservative agenda. Fox News is more into propaganda that cannot be substantiated with any clear facts. Therefore, we recognize that CNN and FOX News is mainstream media that engage in both conservative and liberal bias.

Examples of Media Bias "How CNN Views Trump Voters." Student News Daily, 30 Jan. 2020,

It is an example of media bias as CNN took a Liberal-leaning against the Trump administration. Wajahat Ali, a New York Times writer, mocked Trump supporters as unintelligent rubes who could not read or spell. He also described them as ignorant of geography. This example represents media bias as CNN's liberal agenda affects the way that their reporters represent the news. It recognized how journalistic inclinations affect the reporting of facts as the real issue was forgotten due to the need to see this journalist apologize. "Media's Inaccurate Reports on Amazon Fires." Student News Daily, 4 Sept. 2019,

This an example of media bias as Forbes columnists promoted the misinformation about this situation. This media's inaccurate report on Amazon fires recognizes the aspect of not fact-checking before publishing articles. Some inaccuracies were from the current hysteria over the fires in the Amazon. It saw the sharing of images that were not even of Amazon. These fires were not caused by climate change, and there was a need to address the current situation over these false claims. These false claims affected the real issues facing the Amazon as deforestation is a higher threat to it than these wildfires.

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