How Do I Find Inspiration for Essay Writing - Essay Example

Published: 2017-07-16
How Do I Find Inspiration for Essay Writing - Essay Example
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Writing is a beautiful art. We use it to communicate. We use it to preserve information for several centuries. We use it to convert our thoughts into beautiful stories that entertain others. Through writing, something that never existed is brought into being in the form of fiction or an essay. In fact, the world would be a very boring place to be without writing. Unfortunately, even though writing is important, several people shy from it because of inadequate motivation and lack of skill. So how do I find inspiration for writing?

Passion for a Cause and Familiarity

Writing should not be approached for its sake alone. It is not a game like that may be enjoyed by just playing. Instead, writing is a means of communication and creation. In either case, I must feel strong enough about what I want to convey or create. If I am passionate about social justice for example, I would seek methods of sharing my passion and convictions about how society can attain it. I may make a short video of myself sharing my ideas and put it on the internet, but it will not be long before I will feel the need to write. How much inspiration I may have will depend on how much I am inspired by the cause of social justice. Once I am adequately inspired by my cause, I will find sufficient inspiration to write about it. And depending on my skill, I may write poetry, fiction or an essay.

Apart from being passionate about a cause, it is equally important to be familiar with the subject matter. If I am not familiar with challenges against social justice or the methods for its attainment, I may be passionate but not have what to write. And if I do not have what to write, I cannot be inspired to write it. This familiarity can be attained by widely reading about the subject. As a principle, one who reads or hears a lot about a subject will have more confidence and inspiration to write about it than one who does not.

Language and Skill

Since writing involves the use of language, it is important to be fluent in the language of choice. The wider the range of words in the language available to me, the more easily I can write in the language. And believe me, if I am deficient in language, notwithstanding how much I have to write, I will not look forward to it with excitement. There is a kind of frustration that a writer can face when he looks at what he has written and realizes that it falls far short of what he has on his mind. Language as a means of expressing oneself must be adequately developed for one to be inspired to write.

In addition to language development, one needs to develop oneself in the type of writing one wants to adopt. For example, an individual who does not read poetry cannot get up in a moment and get inspiration to write poetry. Even if he does, he will not know how to go about it.


Sometimes, the availability of incentives like prizes may motivate someone to write who ordinarily may not have written at the time.


Writing is fun if I am using it to express myself concerning something I am passionate about, especially in a language I am very fluent in and a style I am familiar with. I need not worry in advance how to find inspiration once the above conditions are met.

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