Essay Sample on Branding Strategies of Kellogg's Enterprise

Published: 2022-11-15
Essay Sample on Branding Strategies of Kellogg's Enterprise
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Currently, business growth and development and branding strategies are constantly advancing due to the increased use of the internet and social media. I would recommend that the Kellogg's embrace and improve in the Digital marketing as one of the best tools used for their business growth since the technology always keeps advancing. The business will have to survey how to engage their customers through social media and get the feedback from the clients since this would enhance the business's capability to listen to the market and even keep the conversation ongoing (Hunnicutt, 1996). The digital marketing would facilitate the supply chain since it is easier to know the exact location of the customers and even directly deliver a particular product to the client.

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The Kellogg's can consult any of the SEO firms that provide the services to assist by analyzing the business and its online visibility issues. Kellogg's has a web page; however,this may not be necessarily a marketing platform but a site whereby the company's newsletters are posted, and customers and suppliers can reach it thus it is desirable to improve on the digital marketing. The digital marketing would make the business more competitive as compared to other cereal companies that seek for the same market. The digital marketing would enhance communication with the customers thus need to stay relevant and responsive to customers' issues as they may arise. The digital platform can facilitate public relations and make any new ideas go viral from well-connected clients. Moreover, the customers may feel there is a guanine relationship with the Kellogg's company and its brands hence leading to intimacy and advocacy (Pedersen, 2002).

The Kellogg's can find the digital marking more cost-effective and facilitating the supply chain since engaging the customers via social media and e-mail is relatively cheaper. Moreover, the Kellogg's products can effectively and efficiently be located via mobile phones and even computers thus enhancing the supply chain of the business. The business needs to invest in the web site to ensure that it offers the following services for the benefit of the Kellogg's expansion and customers' satisfaction: the websites have to represent the brand of Kellogg's and communicate effectively with the customers; the Kellogg's ads need to be easily found in the on search engines and always update the site and multiple associate channels for communication to connect with other marketing platforms. Nonetheless, Kellogg's company needs to ensure that its social media platform directs the clients to engage with the business and its products.


Competitive advantage is not only hard to achieve, but it is a challenge to maintain due to uncertainties and changes in business environment thus it is recommendable to engage in digital marketing to effectively interact with the customers while enhancing supply chain of the business's product. The Kellogg's company will possibly build a solid foundation of its growth and avoid strategic mistakes since there is a constant interaction with the customers' through the digital platform and exploring its own completive strength.


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