Ethics Essay Example

Published: 2017-12-26
Ethics Essay Example
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A. New Uses

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A bucket is a home object used for various purposes at home, and the applications include; washing clothes, fetching water. Other uses for the bucket include bathing, cleaning of the utensils and keeping them, storage of trash collected in the house, storing water for drinking, transportation of goods from one place to another, building the rocket stove, making a water filter. It is also used as a fire extinguisher, grow food. Harvesting rainwater, heating up water, raising chicken.

B. Exotic Association

In the activity, I found the following words in the book I used, soft, green, power, grab, and jug. The word soft is not related to the bucket. Green is related to the bucket since the bucket may either be in the color green. There is no power connection to the bucket in any form. There is a link between the grab and the bucket since when you want to move from the bucket from one position to another you have to grab it. Jug is a house object similarly a bucket is a home object.

C. New Ideas

Topic: Workplace violence

Workplace violence refers to the threat of violence against workers in a working area. It may involve physical assaults, verbal abuse, threats, or homicide. To deal away with the issue secure the place by incorporating video surveillance mechanism, install alarm systems, increase lighting illumination in the area. The second way to address the issue is by equipping the field staff with cell phones and alarms, which are handheld, make them prepare a daily work plan and ensure that you keep a person who is in charge of putting or keeping contact with the workers throughout the day. Provide intensive maintenance of the employer vehicles for emergency purposes.

In life, people perceive things differently. The way a person judge something might be entirely different from the way other people see it. The whole idea emerges from the Critical or creative thinking, decision-making and problem-solving. These are the essential life skills that every individual ought to make either inductive or deductive judgments.

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