Free Essay with the Report of Tesla Inc. Automotive Company Labor/Employee Relation

Published: 2022-10-24
Free Essay with the Report of Tesla Inc. Automotive Company Labor/Employee Relation
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This report will discuss the labor/employee relation and the executive management level at Tesla Inc. Company. Tesla Inc. is an American firm that deals with automotive and energy. It was founded in 2003 by engineers whose primary objective was to prove that people should drive electric vehicles which are faster and also fun to drive thus they are not supposed to be compromised since are better than gasoline cars (Perkins, and Murmann, 2018). This car is environment-friendly and also the company scalable for clean energy to the coming generation where we should not rely on fossil fuel (Moritz, Redlich, Krenz, Wulfsberg, 2015). This report will discuss the labor/employees relations which are our main purpose of this research. It will elaborately explain how the company is managed and treat their workers. The paper will also report strengths and weakness of the company, if it does what it claims to be strategic and professional public plan and finally, the union's role to maintain a good relationship between the employees and management and if this is projected to continue or change.

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The company has been reported at US agency that is mandated to enforce labor law by an electric carmaker complaining of unfair treatment in the company (Sanders, and Pattison, 2016). According to the reported complaints, the company is accused of violating employee's labor practice rights by forcing them to sign an confidential agreement document that will hinder them to give information about safety and working situation of the company to outsiders (Rubin, 2017). This company has also been reported to intimidate, harass and even fail to enhance employees' rights as stated in federal labor law. This company as their workers to sign a document that state one will be terminated from a job or even get prosecuted in the criminal court for publicly speaking about Tesla Inc. Company.

There have been some complaints from employees who work together with robots in the same company explaining how they face a grueling pressure under this working condition which is attributed to Musk's aggressive production goal where in some cases this working environment has led to life-changing injuries. Since 2014, more than 100 ambulances have been contacted to come and save employees experiencing abnormal breathing, seizures and fainting spell and other more ambulance have been called to provide medical first aids to those who are injured while in work (Perkins, and Murmann, 2018). Tesla Inc. The company is not having good terms with their workers because it has been reported that its employees are experiencing a hard time such as, long working hours and also performing hard tasks. The manager of this company have reported how they deeply care about the welfare and health condition of their employees and this has been proven over the past year (Ivanchenko, 2017).

Most of Tesla Inc. employees have explained repetitive stress injuries which are connected to long working hours in the company (David, 2016). Initially, the company had a working routine where shifts were done after every 12 working hours in six days a week before it was then changed in October 2016 that resulted to 50% reduction in the overtime hours. For years, this company has not been taking seriously the safety of their employees where some supervisors and managers were ignoring their complaints and force them to work even when they are injured. Some Tesla employees argue that the company provides poor treatments to the injured workers and this discourages them from reporting any incidence of the accident to the company emergency team (Perkins, and Murmann, 2018). Tesla company pay low wages to an injured worker by giving them a light task as supplemental care to workers although the company may also provide a modified work to injured associates (Delaware, Musk, Straubel, Eberhard, Energy, and Automation, Tesla Inc.).

Employees in Tesla Inc. Company are prone to job termination if one may try to organize any labor union. The firm changes rules in the absence of any remorse (Hamm, Jung, and Wang, 2015). The company has implemented an attendance policy which backdates points from workers who clocked in late or when they are absent in job. This policy has undermined labor laws which are required in industries (David and David, 2013). In case, if any employee may try to come up with the initiative of forming a union, they are sacked from work or even intimidated to be prosecuted for breaching the company's policies. Musk has been accusing firm workers who blog Tesla issues. Due to numerous complaints in the on issues pertaining who they treat their workers and the working condition of the company, Tesla Inc. Company is now striving to treat their employees fairly and being just to them. The company nowadays is not taking any action against individuals who purpose the need of worker's unionization.

At Tesla motors, employees get some retirement benefits and gifts (Moritz, Redlich, Krenz, and Wulfsberg, 2015) Workers are provided with a medical cover that is funded by the company where workers pay the only small proportion of their health insurance premiums. The company offers dental, health and vision insurance cover to its employees and also give long term and short term disability insurance cover as well as life insurance (David, and David, 2013). The plan of funding employees' pension by the company had enabled the associates to secure a reliable source of income even after retirement.

Tesla Inc. Company has many strengths which enables it to shape its business capability to compete in the automotive industry. This company is known for its substantial level of innovation, particularly where they have introduced the world's first electric sports car (Al-Abassy, 1996). We see this as an internal approach which empowers the company to produce high quality and competitive products as well as to make a profit. Tesla banding is a good symbol of innovation and also an example of energy renewing solution which the primary goal of the company. This ability to bland products assist the company to retain its customers and also acquire new automotive customers. Vertical integration has led to a robust internal processing structure of the company and also enables centralization in the Tesla organization. Having this factors, the company can minimize interference from a third party (Yarnykh, Terashima, Hayes, Shimakawa, Takaya, Nguyen, and 2006).

Tesla Inc. automotive company is also suffering the presence of limited market of its products. The company does not have a big market since it earns its revenue in U.S.A and few from China and others from developing countries. The internal approach that the company embrace is also working as a weakness that hinders growth basing to the fast development of economy all over the world (Hoffman, 2015). The company has a constraint supply chain that prevents Tesla Inc. Company to expand rapidly searching for a new market. This firm has to consider the current opportunities that would enable it to expand its sales globally (Li, 2017).

This company strives to give everyone an opportunity and motivation that will enable professional and personal development. The manufacturer provides programs that assist employees to learn and create a strong quality that makes a person to gain trust from others. The company believes they can make their principles to be strong and also continue in improving their services (Mangram, 2012). It has an experienced member who is from different age group, genders, and nationality all over the world and at the same time they believe in operating in a very high working condition (David, 2016).

In conclusion, this report has comprehensively discussed the labor/employee relation in Tesla Inc. automotive company which is an American firm. The paper has also explained how this company has embraced technology and how they intend to do if changes come. It looks at the weakness of the company that is dragging it behind and hindering it to attain goals and also the strengths of the company.


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