Essay Example on Marketing Strategies for the Improvement of Company's Revenue Earnings

Published: 2023-01-03
Essay Example on Marketing Strategies for the Improvement of Company's Revenue Earnings
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I am very grateful in advance for taking the time to read this memo identifying my review based on the collected data and financials in our company. From the analysis, some changes were experienced in the revenue earnings 2017 and also a quarter's one in addition to the two from the 2018 financial year. This could be as a result of the company's adopted strategic operation. It is important to note that there was a great improvement in the financial performance of the company. However, some areas had a noticeable reduction in revenue which could be a result of the managements delay to release the funds to finances for the prompt strategic plan's implementation.

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There are three major areas revealing the increased revenues which I noticed in the review. These include the domestic in the global break out area, commercial in the customer class area and expand in the customer rank area. Given in the table below is the full view of what the specifications of the revenue earnings in the two quarters beside the comparison as well as an increase from 2017 vs. 2018.

The growth made by our advertisement teams and our marketing resulted in an increase in revenue. The incredible strategic planning also contributed to the revenue increase.

In the analysis that I provided, I also found some of the areas whereby the sector of services was lower on the revenue earnings in 2017 besides the first two quarters in is worth noting that there have to be changed for a full assurance that there has to be productivity from all the this area, I would, therefore, recommend for the allocation of the additional funds to their operations as well as financing to try and rectify some of their losses which is not much different from the other three identified above which was actually a basis of good performance.

The overall analysis of the revenue earnings of the company reveals that there has been an increase in the last few years based on the data which was received and reviewed. It is clearly depicted that our full reliance is on our products' customers but it is also essential that we provide an expansion strategy and that we adopt as soon as possible to continuously help and venture into the foreign markets and get into a higher market share. By the adoption of the expansion strategy, there will be an enhanced increase in the revenue just as it has been in the past two years.

Included in my analysis is a review of our domestic customer's data since they entail our principal assets and our goal is to seek to attract and also retain more of the customers through a motivated workforce. The main objective of our strategies in marketing is to ensure that there is an increased market outreach to the customers in the domestic sector by enhancing their awareness of the existence of our services and products. There will be a need to conduct intensive marketing campaigns via broadcasting advertising as well as online marketing and also we will need to make an exploration of the foreign countries marketing to facilitate in the increase of the opportunities to a much larger audience and also attempt to excel from the provisions and marketing by other companies.

Our main focus is to attract new clients and not just retaining existing customers. Our plan is to ensure that customer trust and royalty has been established by the production of affordable, quality and after sale services besides considering changing the operations to give premium products and services to be differentiated in the industry. We will also need to recruit and also hire employees especially in the line of products that are properly trained, knowledgeable and competent and also be aware of our company products, goals, and direction of the growth vision.


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