Click Fraud: Augmenting the Cost of PPC Campaigns - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-09-16
Click Fraud: Augmenting the Cost of PPC Campaigns - Essay Sample
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Click fraud can augment the cost of a PPC campaign due to the creation of a charge per click without having a definite focus in the ad. Click Fraud deploys automated scripts to click specific links frequently hence augmenting the PPC campaign cost. For example, if a firm or individual pays to appear at the top of Bing or Google, a fraudulent may click on the paid links to diminish the individual’s budget and eliminate them from the paid results. The fraudulent clicking of PPC adverts creates deceitful charges for advertisers. If a particular keyword suffers from frequent click fraud without you being detected, one might choose to get rid of it as click-through rate might be extremely high. Since an individual gets charged after every click, ultimately, the ad cost will outweigh the profit, thus giving up on the campaign.

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A Way to Increase Your Click-Through Rate

One way to improve click-through rates (CTR) is to enable ad extensions. Executing extensions is an immediate and hugely impactful method to increase CTR. An ad extension improves value to potential clients by being present and offering additional pertinent information. Essentially, these enable the ads to become more perceptible by using more real estate on SERPs; however, they also aid the ads to disclose some of the particular offered products or services by a customer or business. Using this tactic can increase CTRs as clients can quickly discover the products by clicking on the specific link (Ledford, 2015). Adding descriptions to site link in a campaign or ad groups enables one to add two additional lines of text under every heading of site link, thus augmenting click through rates. Therefore using ad extensions on adverts helps in increasing and decreasing other ads in the paid search results.

Three PPC Tools and Services

Google AdWords is a PPC platform for advertising and critical revenue source since numerous individuals utilize Google for their search engine. It generates comprehensive web analytics statistics. Typically, PPC advertisers use Google AdWords to offer on the keywords they want to initiate their sponsored ads. Google provides a variety of tools and functionality that can aid an individual tailor the paid search campaigns to aim specific demographics or markets hence displaying Ads more often.

WordStream Advisor’s solution provides AdWords advertisers with a rationalized workflow that minimizes the PPC management complexities and making it easy to take necessary actions. It aids digital marketing agencies in managing time, with guidance on how to acquire better outcomes from paid social advertising and search for their clients. Its automated workflow system enables a person to immediately and easily recognize areas of account that need great attention, and take the required steps to optimize and improve the report for maximum ROI. Hence, WordStream tries to eradicate the hindrance and cost, giving a person vital feedback on substantial performance aspects, making it easy to modify and advance campaigns.

SE ranking is another PPC useful tool as it offers a competitor research method. It is a cloud-based platform for online marketing professionals and SEO that offers a comprehensive set of tools for complete competitor analysis, site audit, automated professional reporting, website ranking, backlink monitoring, and keyword suggestion and grouping. By entering a domain or page URL using the SE ranking, it automatically displays the paid keywords a website is spending and bidding. SE Ranking also maintains track of any ad modifications; hence a firm or individual can monitor the history and position of any competitor’s ads.

PPC Service

Pushfire is an excellent PPC management services as it can manage various PPC providers and campaigns. According to pushfire (2020), it offers substantial PPC program enhancement and continuing management and optimization services. It enables a firm to obtain high positions on search engines and appear pertinent to partner websites. Pushfire PPC management services offer immediate traffic and provide various methods to operate with existing SEO systems by testing keywords, market place verticals, and business models. Thus permitting a user to improve the overall web promoting approach, and any SEO policies equipped with facts.

An HTML Tag to Use in a Site to Help With SEO and Why?

By utilizing ALT image tags facilitates users who depend on assistive technologies to see the picture. An alt tag is an HTML feature functional to image tags to offer a text substitute for search engines. Using images to alt tags like product photos can influence the search engine rankings of an e-commerce store (Ledford, 2015). Alt text plays a vital role in the optimization of a copy. It makes the user’s images available both to search engines and people by describing the meaning of a particular model and assisting screen readers in conveying images. Using an optimized alt feature with a target keyword, it provides a user’s page with a relevant boost. When search engine crawlers examine a page, images with appropriately formatted alt text facilitate the indexing and rank of a page. Also, the alt textual content is a useful signal for search engines to comprehend the information on a page. Search engines cannot understand images; however, pictures can play a substantial part in how users interpret a specific web page. Thus, Alt tags resolve for this by offering text, which is explained by the search engines.


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