A Gantt Chart - Free Essay Example

Published: 2023-09-20
A Gantt Chart - Free Essay Example
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When scheduling tasks that are to be executed over a given timeframe, it is essential to create a work breakdown structure (WBS). Work breakdown structure shows the start and the end of a given task hence giving project managers a conceptual view of the expected completion of a project under execution. The earlier methods adopted for creating a work breakdown structure are Microsoft Excel and other related platforms. However, for the case of the current project, ProjectLibre will be used to create a Gantt chart showing different tasks and subtasks to be completed. The project aims to demonstrate the use of ProjectLibre in task scheduling.

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ProjectLibre is a software developed under Linux distros for project development. It has both open source and other related features, such as its cloud version. ProjectLibre is licensed under the Common Public Attribution License (CPAL). To create a Gantt chart, a new blank chart was opened in the MS project, and all the milestones were listed. The subsequent subtasks were then listed under each project milestone. Since by default, the time indicated was in days, changing the timeframe manually was the best option.

To create resources, a new resource chart was created, indicating different human resources involved in project creation. The resources were then added in the project milestones right-clicking on each sub-task and then selecting the resources to be involved. The Gantt chart is used to monitor the duration of the processes, the starting date, and the finishing date alongside the resources to be used. It can represent any type of project driven by any company.

Explanation of the Project

The project to be undertaken includes five main phases, which include: Project initiation, project planning, project execution, project monitoring and control, and project closing/termination. For each defined milestone to be completed, the project is broken further into sub-tasks, which must be executed before moving to the next step.

centertopEach project sub-task has been assigned a period in which it must be completed. All the project phases used in the project satisfy the set project completion timeframe. To ensure each stated milestone has distinct sub-tasks, all sub-tasks are intended to the right, as shown above. The resources represent the various individuals who will be involved during the project execution.

Work Breakdown-Structure

Work-breakdown structure subdivides set project milestones into small manageable sizes, which can be carried out in Isolation. The project being carried out involves the Initiation process, Planning, executing, monitoring and control, and project termination. However, breaking these individual project phases into smaller sizes makes it easier for execution. Project initiation, as observed below, is broken down into sub-tasks such as developing a project charter, designing the business case, collecting and analyzing data, and defining project specifications as indicated in the chart below. Each sub-task is allocated completion timeframe hence avoiding conflicts among individual sub-task as well as ensuring proper time management. All the project sub-task to be carried out in each phase are inter-linked using the inbuilt functions found in ProjectLibre software.

Resources and Resource Cost

The Gantt chat created includes resources and resources costs. Resources refer to individuals involved in execting each defined phase or sub-tasks involved in the project. Resources in Libre Project are created by creating a resource chart and inserting the names of the individuals and the corresponding charge rates. Resources created are then added directly by manually adding them to the Gantt chart’s resource column.

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