Essay Example on Classroom Management Plan and Model Classroom

Published: 2019-10-18
Essay Example on Classroom Management Plan and Model Classroom
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Classroom management is essential when it comes to the educational setting. Learning only takes place in a safe environment. Thus, students learn well when they are in a safe environment. For proper learning to take place, teachers should know how to punish bad behaviors. Besides, they should be aware of the tone they use in the classroom because this can negatively affect learning. This essay will dwell on classroom management plan.

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Philosophy of Management

As a teacher, I am dedicated to ensuring that the classroom environment is safe, engaging, and challenging to the students. Utilization of the curriculum would achieve this and interact with the students. Every student has different needs. Thus, I would ensure that I meet the needs of each student. This approach would make sure that I effectively respond to the diverse rational nature of the students who are also socially, economically, and culturally different. With this in mind, I believe that I can manage the behaviors of the students in an efficient manner. When using these ideas to handle the classroom, I would feel comfortable since the needs of every student will be met. I usually believe that the classroom should not be all about punishments. I usually ensure that there is a balance between rewards and punishments. However, when I use rewards, I am frequently careful to make sure that the students do not rely much on them. This is because when the learners are constantly motivated by rewards to learn to learning may not take place if the teacher happens not to use them. Thus, this model expects me to balance between rewards and punishment. I do not use bribes and threats in the classroom since I am never comfortable with them.

Behavior Expectations

It is my responsibility as a teacher to ensure that the learners behave accordingly in the classroom. Therefore, I would use intrinsic behavior management plan to help the students act accordingly because they should be responsible for their actions and understand how it affects learning. I expect the learners to stick to the classroom rules failure to which they will be punished. To further ensure that they behave well, I will involve their parents by coming up with a behavior log that would aid me in communicating with the parents.

Classroom Slogan

I would engage the students when developing the class slogan or motto. This is because their input matters a lot. My class motto is always strive to do your best and forget the rest.

Class Arrangement

I would ensure that the classroom organization is good for the students. For example, I would ensure that the students tables are arranged in a circle including mine. This would create a conducive atmosphere that would be productive for discussions. This type of arrangement ensures that the eye contact is maintained which is necessary for learning.

Class Rules

Before the start of the school cycle, I usually establish my classroom rules. I engage them when formulating the rules. Giving them a chance to help me in setting the rules makes them responsible for their behaviors.

Consequences for Rule Infractions

When the students break the rules, they would be responsible for that. The implications for the rule infractions would be arranged in a hierarchical manner. For instance, the first time the student breaks a rule, a teacher can remind the students of the set classroom rules. If it is for the second time, the teacher can address the student individually. For the third time, the student is punished. If he or she repeats, he should be sent to the principal

Motivation Strategies

Motivation is a critical aspect in the classroom. Learners need to be regularly motivated. As a teacher, I would rely on various motivational strategies. I would use both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. For the intrinsic motivation, I would encourage the learners to be motivated from within themselves. For the extrinsic motivation, I would use rewards (both individual and group) to motivate students to learn. Further, praising the students verbally would also be my motivational technique.

Management Procedures and Routines

Classroom procedures and routine facilitate learning and teaching. Routines are important for the learners. I would ensure that the learners have a schedule to follow to have a gist of what will happen in the next day. This prevents them from asking questions such as what is the next activity. I would also come up with routines and procedures that will be followed on a daily basis. To make sure that the learners understand the procedures, I will ask them to demonstrate them. For example, when I walk into the classroom, I would ensure that the pupils are taught how to hand over the assignment to the right box, begin their morning duties quietly, among others. These consistent and transparent procedures will make the students accountable in case of anything. For example, as a teacher, I do not have to collect their assignments because they know where to drop them. I would ensure that I give them assignments on a daily basis.

Instructional Planning

There are various lesson planning formats. The format I would utilize would include objectives, introduction, the content to be covered, summary, and evaluation. Further, I would employ various instructional strategies such as lectures, discussions, group projects, among others depending on the topic at hand. The instructional strategy of Kounin, which I would utilize, is the group focus since it can be implemented with different techniques.

In conclusion, as I said earlier, classroom management is the key to effective learning. As a teacher, I hope to make the classroom a conducive environment where the learners feel free to share their ideas and opinions. I would ensure that it is involving. Further, I trust that behavior problems should not be the most important parts in a classroom. Rather, creating a good relationship with the learners should be the focus. As well, they should be encouraged to succeed and set high expectations. Using an engaging curriculum is also important. When a teacher creates such environment, behavior problems are curbed.

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