Essay Sample on Poverty, Inequality and Income Maintenance Policy

Published: 2023-04-30
Essay Sample on Poverty, Inequality and Income Maintenance Policy
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Social policy plays a crucial role in determining and ensuring individuals well-being through law-making. It includes set regulations that interfere with living conditions to protect human welfare. The development of social policy measures is essential to provide better conditions for both the poor and the rich. The aim is to address the more pressing social problems and execute new development plans. Developed countries have a more advanced and adjusted social policy that is fit for the betterment of the economy (Wiman, 2009).

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Social welfare programs have a positive effect on the reduction of poverty. Furthermore, welfare programs reduce crime rate across the world by providing funds and guidelines that reduce the time for the criminals at illegal facilities. These reduce the crime rate and increases the sense of security to the citizens of the country. Additionally, social welfare programs provide disaster relief programs that aid in the recovery of the various places affected. The welfare programs provide the required resources depending on the type of disaster experienced (Wiman, 2009). Providence of training facilities to acquire more personnel and eliminate poverty. The programs provide the government with useful statistical data, thus making it easier for the government to plan for its financial, economic activities.

In the past decades, poverty seems to have declined due to a rapidly growing economy. According to Stephens and Van Steen, 2011, poverty seems to be declining but not at a faster rate because some countries still struggle to meet basic requirements. Poverty will decrease in the coming decades due to how faster technological knowledge is transferred around the globe. In the future, poverty will be better because there's rapid growth sharing among the developed and the developing countries. Globally, poverty will be at a better place; however, the target may not be achieved due to challenging economic factors (Gold, 2019). When these challenging factors are well prepared for, and measures are taken to eradicate them, poverty would decrease, and the new target would be implemented.

Although the USA has a vast growing economy, some areas cope with poverty day in day. Clearlake, which is found in California state, experiences poverty due to average household income. These due to the small number of people in the area are not well learned. Thus, the development project is slow. Camden city in the Arkansas state has low to a median level of household income. Typically, property values in this area are much less compared to those found in an average home in a different state.

Ideally, there's a significant pattern in how these areas are linked together. The poverty levels are mostly found in the rural areas where there's a slow growth rate. Furthermore, the northern plains and the Midwest regions experience a higher level of poverty compared to other areas. The existence of this region may be based on certain factors like racism. The northern region is full of the Indians- Americans; hence the areas will be accompanied by a lack of proper educations and adequate housing (Gold, 2019). These bring about discrimination against skin color and sometimes religious differentiation.

Theoretically, we can confirm that racism contributes to poverty in the United States. A person may be deficient in America due to racial factors. These factors include discrimination against color, religion, and homeland. Typically, the northern plain in the USA is the home of Indians -Americans who technically share different religions and cultures. The living conditions in these impoverished regions lack a sufficient supply of necessities. Geographical factors like air pollutions and poor environmental conditions are neglected, thus attracting poverty (Stephens & van Steen, 2011). Discrimination because of racism breeds poverty since poor education and lack of employment opportunities leads to low income and living standards.


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