Nursing Essay Sample: Organizational Structure, Culture, and Evidence-Based Practice

Published: 2022-09-29
Nursing Essay Sample: Organizational Structure, Culture, and Evidence-Based Practice
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Nurse managers play a vital role in ensuring that Evidence-Based Practice(EBP) is implemented in health institutions. It is very challenging to make EBP a reality in healthcare institutions. The hospital leadership will play a vital role in the institutionalization of EBP. The nurse managers will have to liaise with different leaders in the healthcare setting to realize the implementation of EBP. The paper focuses on organizational structure and how nurse leaders can implement the EBP culture in healthcare facilities.

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Leadership plays an essential role in enabling nurse leaders to implement EBP. The coordination of efforts and training helps to improve decision making and helps to strengthen the positive perception of EBP in healthcare. Through their support of EBP, training, and instituting evidence-based leadership in hospitals, the nurse leaders provide a clear path for the implementation of EBP and transparent decision making (Aarons, Ehrhart, Farahnak & Sklar 2014). Implementing an organizational culture that is adaptive and dynamic in hospitals also provides a pathway to successful implementation of EBP.

Recently, education alone has been deemed ineffective when used in decision making in hospitals. There is a clear need to use EBP for effective and efficient decision making on the part of the nurse. Changing a complex program will need extensive intervention in an organization that is all-inclusive. The implementation strategies can be carried out in stages over a period. Education or motivation stage is the first and is meant to prepare nurses for the change. The second is skill building and enabling practices and resource through training and develops the nurses immensely (Aarons, Ehrhart, Farahnak & Sklar 2014). The final stage will involve financing and interventions that are aimed at sustaining the changes in the organization. Change has always been inevitable with improved technology, and the need for EBP has risen over the past as practitioners are becoming centered on patient safety (Hauck, Winsett & Kuric 2013). An example where EBP is used is mental healthcare where one may not use education only in decision making.

The healthcare system has continued to adopt a production process with a structure of input-output just like other organizations. Workgroup nursing, therefore, takes the organization culture just like the one for businesses. The nursing workgroup culture has the aim of maximizing output through quality service delivery just like cultures of other organizations.


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