Classification and Division Free Essay on Social Media Sites

Published: 2022-11-09
Classification and Division Free Essay on Social Media Sites
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Social media sites and applications have continued to act as the most convenient means of communication amongst the population globally. Social media platforms such as radio, twitter, internet, and emails have been noted to ease the transfer of information between the global population, institutions, and organizations. They allow users to share digital photos, ideas, posts, videos, and share information about real-world events and activities. The social media platforms have also allowed people to connect with other people in different locations around the world. The success of the social media sites and applications can be noted mainly through their dominance in the current society. For example, Facebook has a huge number of active users globally.

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The use of media platforms, however, tends to vary based on the purpose to which the media platform is needed and the age of the users, this has helped to trigger extreme levels of relationships and correlation between people with different personalities. Media sites and applications can be categorized into various forms based on the needs of the population. This includes; first, the media sites and applications used mainly for socializing purposes such as Facebook. Secondly, the media platforms used to assist users in certain information such as the internet or Google. Thirdly, the platforms used particularly for the non-social communication such as LinkedIn where the users share information such as the available business or employment opportunities. I intend to review the various categories or divisions of media sites and applications based on the needs of the population such as socializing, researching and taking part in non-social communications.


Media sites and applications have played a major role in improving the population's social life through facilitating or promoting interaction amongst people of different backgrounds, race, and gender. Some of these media platforms include Facebook and Twitter. The media sites and application facilitate the creation of new friends thus boosting the individual association levels. Facebook has helped to reduce individual loneliness through the creation of an arena where the teens can interact with other individuals freely. Interacting with online friends helps one to find more convenient ways of expressing his or her ideas and also listening to the concerns of others. Some of the teens find it hard to associate themselves with other people in the real world, but it becomes easy for them to communicate and make friends in the media sites and applications. Despite most of the online friends particularly on Facebook being familiar to each other most of the media sites and application users tend to find their association and interaction more pleasant than what they usually have in their normal life. The media platform access also reduces the boredom of interacting with similar faces throughout. Being in constant interaction with similar faces tend to minimize the chances of engaging in constructive conversations as compared to the online interaction where people discuss different topics with different friends and also give varying opinions to the discussions.


The media sites and application do not only provide interactive information but are also provide crucial information that is important for the learning process. Current a large percentage of the global population is using media sites and application such as the internet to learn and conduct their research. People tend to find the media platform more convenient to use for study purposes as compared to going to the library since less time is consumed to get certain information. Most of the information offered by the media sites and application is usually well summarised, and the content is usually the same as the information in books. The media platforms such as the internet have created an arena whereby one can access all kind of information needed by a student even the content that is not accessible in books.

In most of the educational institution such as universities and colleges, most of the students spend much of their time on the internet doing research assignments. Other institutions have also introduced a unique learning model that does not require the student to attend classes. The student is just needed to download notes from the internet and read them during their own time, and they only attend classes when doing their exams. Different organizations and institutions also use the media sites and application to research crucial information concerning their main competitors such as the amount of profits their competitors are making. The organizations also make use of these media platforms by publishing the organization information for every person to access in case of any need.

Non-social communications

Although a large portion of the media platforms are used for socialization purposes some of the media sites and application provide a platform for non-social communications such us communicating about the existing business opportunities, advertising and company's or businesses. The media platforms that are used for non-social communications include, LinkedIn and the internet. In most cases the interactions in these platforms particularly in LinkedIn is usually professional. In most cases interacting with strangers in the media sites and applications helps to develop personal morals and also offer people the opportunity to understand the reality of the issues in the society. For example, the media platform have developed a strong link between the young population and their future employees. This has helped to share crucial information on what is happening and what is needed of then for them to earn certain employment opportunities. This helps to boost individual moral values and also shape their future career opportunities. The decision making the power of the youths and teens also tends to improve through the continuous interaction with online friends who tend to have different personalities.


The media sites and application have played a major role in people's lives by creating a platform where people can achieve their interests or purposes. The media platforms can be divided into various groups based on their use to the people. First, there are those media sites and applications that are used for research such as the internet. These Media platforms provide all the content or information that can be accessed in the library and they are mainly used in schools by students when doing their school research and assignments. Secondly, the media platforms used for socializing purposes such as Facebook. This is where people make new friends from different parts of the world. The people using these sites are also able to improve their association levels and minimize loneliness. Thirdly, the media sites and application that are used for non-social communications such as sharing information about the available business opportunities. With proper use, the media sites and applications can achieve the people's interests and needs, however constant use of some of these media platforms such as Facebook and the internet may lead to addiction. Therefore people should take caution to minimize the risk of addiction.

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